Introducing WorldRemit Wallet

Offering you a simple and secure way to send, receive and store money in a range of currencies, we're sure it'll make your experience of using WorldRemit even better.

Introducing WorldRemit WalletIntroducing WorldRemit Wallet

Offering More Flexibility & Control

With the WorldRemit Wallet, you can conveniently store money in a range of different currencies all in one place. Each currency is stored within your Wallet, meaning it’s kept safe and secure until you’re ready to use it.

Instantly Receive

If you’re being sent money locally or from someone abroad, you can receive money to your Wallet in seconds. What’s more, with the Wallet it’s completely free to receive and hold money in a range of currencies.

Send or Withdraw

Using your Wallet, you can send funds to other people, by choosing to send to their own Wallet, or by using WorldRemit's payout network. You can also use that same network to withdraw funds to a bank account, a mobile money account or as cash, depending on what methods are supported locally.

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It's simple for you or your recipient to get the Wallet

Where available, if you're sending money back home you can help your recipients by choosing the most flexible way to send. They can receive money instantly, and hold, convert or withdraw funds using the same payout network as is available for you. It's good for you, and great for them.

Tu dinero está en buenas manos

Nuestra tecnología líder en el industria protege tu dinero y garantiza que llegue seguro siempre.

Para obtener más información sobre cómo funciona la Wallet, visita nuestra página Cómo funciona. También puedes ver dónde está disponible la WorldRemit Wallet y encontrar respuestas en nuestra página de preguntas frecuentes acerca de la Wallet.

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Fue tood muy fácil y rápido. Increíble!
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