How to transfer money to Land Bank, Philippines

Land Bank of the Philippines, also known simply as LANDBANK, is a government-owned bank that offers a diverse range of products and services that were traditionally geared towards the country’s farmers and fishermen. Although the Philippines’ fourth-largest bank has now widened its offering, Land Bank still has an extensive network of rural branches that provide services in areas where banking is either limited or non-existent.

We’ve partnered with Land Bank of the Philippines to make it easier for the many Filipinos living abroad to send money back home to support their loved ones. Land Bank’s rural presence makes it possible to send money to family and friends via a bank transfer, wherever they are in the country.

Bank transfers to Land Bank of the Philippines

Our simple online service makes it easy to send a bank transfer to Land Bank of the Philippines from thousands of miles away. All you need is your recipient’s bank account details and you can send money directly to their current, savings and business accounts, using any device.

Signing up for your free WorldRemit account takes just a few seconds. You can then make a speedy bank transfer to the Philippines 24/7 and benefit from our low fees and guaranteed exchange rates, which are consistently better than you’ll receive elsewhere.

How do you make a bank transfer to Land Bank, Philippines?

Transferring money to Land Bank of the Philippines online with us is fast, low-cost and secure. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit our homepage and select Philippines from the 'choose a country to send to' dropdown list

  2. Select ‘Bank Transfer’ as the preferred service

  3. Set the payout-network to ‘Deposits to Landbank PHP accounts’

  4. Enter the amount you want to send

  5. You’ll see our exchange rate and low fee upfront

  6. Create an account or log in if you haven’t already

  7. Add your recipient’s details or select someone you’ve sent to before

  8. Choose your payment method and pay online

  9. We’ll send you and your recipient SMS and email notifications once the funds have been credited to their account

When will the funds be credited to Land Bank, Philippines accounts?

All bank transfers to Land Bank of the Philippines are credited quickly. Exactly when they will be credited depends on when you make the transfer:

  • Usually credited within 15 minutes if sent Monday – Friday between 1am and 10pm PHP time

  • Usually credited at 1.30am if sent Monday – Friday between 10pm and 1am PHP time

  • Credited on next working day if sent on bank holidays and weekends

Other ways can you send money to the Philippines

There are a number of different ways you can send money to the Philippines with WorldRemit:

  1. Bank transfer – As well as Land Bank, you can also make a bank transfer to all the major banks in the Philippines.

  2. Cash pickup – You can send money that can be collected instantly in cash from more than 15,000 pickup locations across the country.

  3. Mobile money – You can make an instant transfer to any registered and active Globe Cash (GCASH) Mobile Money Account.

  4. WorldRemit Wallet – Send money to your recipient’s WorldRemit Wallet and the funds will usually be credited immediately.

  5. Airtime top up – Airtime reloads are added instantly with zero fees to mobile phones on the Globe, Sun Cellular, Smart, Cignal-TV, Smartbro and SmartGold networks.

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