BillPay Terms and Conditions


1.1   These terms and conditions (BillPay Terms) set out your rights and obligations when using the WorldRemit BillPay Service, so it is important to read these carefully.

1.2   The BillPay Termsthe WorldRemit Terms and Conditions and our web page outlining charges for the BillPay Service, form your agreement with us for use of the WorldRemit BillPay Service (together, the Agreement). By accessing, registering with and using the WorldRemit BillPay Service you agree to be bound by the terms of the Agreement.

1.3   In the event of any conflict or inconsistency between the BillPay Terms and the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions, the relevant clauses of the BillPay Terms will prevail.

1.4   You can access the BillPay Terms and Conditions here at any time, and can read more about your account with us and services available to you on our FAQs. The FAQs do not form part of the Agreement you have with us.


In these Billpay Terms, capitalised words have the meaning given to them in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions or as defined below:

Bill means a bill to be settled in the identified Biller Account pursuant to a Payment Instruction.

Biller means the third-party utility service provider (e.g. electricity company). The Biller provides utility services to the Bill Payee, who holds a Biller Account with the Biller.

Biller Account means the account identified by you in a BillPay Instruction and provided by the Biller.

Biller Account Credit means the application of a credit to the Biller Account resulting in an Overpayment made by you in settling a bill, as determined solely by the applicable Biller.

BillPay or WorldRemit BillPay Service means an electronic money transfer using our Services for the purpose of settling a bill with a Biller on behalf of the Bill Payee. References to Money Transfer or Services in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions include BillPay, to the extent that service is used.

Bill Payee means either:

  • you, where you are the holder of the Biller Account; or
  • another person, who is the holder of the Biller Account (a Third Party Payee),

and references to Payee in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions include Bill Payee to the extent the WorldRemit BillPay Service is used.

BillPay Instruction means a specific instruction from you, using the Portal, to send money, E-money, or the proceeds of E-money, to a Biller Account in order to settle a Bill. References to Payment Instruction in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions include BillPay Instruction to the extent the WorldRemit BillPay Service is used.

Overpayment means a payment greater than that required to settle the Bill in full.

Underpayment means a payment less than that required to settle the Bill in full.


3.1   When you submit a BillPay Instruction it will be processed in the manner set out in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions as relevant to BillPay.  In addition, if submitting a BillPay Instruction you confirm and undertake the following:

(a)  you have authority to instruct us to contact and pay the Biller, and that we can rely on such authority;

(b)   if the payment is on behalf of a Third Party Payee, you have obtained the Third Party Payee’s authorisation to submit a BillPay Instruction;

(c)  you are responsible for submitting the correct Biller Account details in the Portal; and

(d)  you are responsible for submitting the correct amount to settle the Bill in the Portal, if required to do so.

3.2   If you submit a BillPay Instruction and we have processed the payment in accordance with your instruction but the Payout Amount is:

an Overpayment, it is your responsibility to contact the Biller to request a refund or Biller Account Credit. We may, at our discretion, provide you with assistance to request a refund from the Biller if you have informed us that you wish us to do so. In some cases, we may have initiated a non-refundable request for funds to be paid out to your Biller by a Service Provider. If this is the case, we cannot guarantee that the refund request will be successful; or

an Underpayment, it is your responsibility to contact the Biller to confirm the outstanding sum and make any and all payments due (including the Bill amount and other costs or charges incurred by the Bill Payee).

3.3   You acknowledge that we are not responsible for the provision of any services by or on behalf of the Biller, and that the sole purpose of the BillPay service is to settle Bills in accordance with your BillPay Instruction.  Neither the Biller nor the Third Party Payee is our customer, we do not have any legal relationship with them relating to BillPay and they do not have any rights under this Agreement.


4.1   The Biller will receive payment in accordance with the applicable BillPay Instruction within the timeframe set out in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions.

4.2   In each case, the period of time for payment of a Bill is calculated from the time we actually receive your BillPay Instruction. You should bear in mind that payment may be refused or delayed for specific reasons set out in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions, or we may be unable to process the payment as quickly due to circumstances outside our control.


5.1   We will do as much as we reasonably can to ensure the Services we provide to you are smooth, quick and free from fault. We can’t promise that this will always be the case but we can assure you that should anything happen, we will always do the best we can to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Please refer to the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions that apply to you for further details.

5.2   It is your responsibility to make sure all the details are complete and accurate before you give us a BillPay Instruction. Upon receipt of a BillPay Instruction, it is not normally possible for us to change any details of it. You will be given the opportunity to confirm a BillPay Instruction before final submission in the Portal and you must check the details carefully.

5.3   Our obligation in relation to BillPay is simply to send Payout Amounts to the applicable Biller Account in accordance with your BillPay Instruction. The Biller will be solely liable to you and the Bill Payee for the provision of utility services related to the Biller Account. Once the Payout Amount is sent to a Biller Account, it may not be possible to request a refund. To limit the risk of this happening, we ask you to ensure that the required information for the Biller Account and the Payout Amount you have entered is correct.

5.4   In addition to the relevant provisions in the WorldRemit Terms and Conditions which apply to the WorldRemit BillPay Service, except where (and to the extent that) the laws and regulations applicable to us say otherwise, we will not be liable to you for (a) Overpayments and (b) Underpayments, or any consequences of the same. 

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