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Money is added instantly to your recipient’s Meikles MyCash card, which is linked to their mobile phone number.

Meikles MyCash card

What is a Meikles MyCash card?

  • A new cashless payment method in Zimbabwe available from Meikles Financial Services in partnership with TM Pick n Pay
  • Any Zimbabwean mobile phone number can be linked to a Meikles MyCash card
  • Money arrives instantly for existing Meikles MyCash card holders. If your recipient does not already have a Meikles MyCash account, they will be notified by SMS to register at any participating TM Pick n Pay Supermarket nationwide to access their funds
  • Your recipient can use the Meikles MyCash card at over 25,000 ZimSwitch swipe machines to buy goods (including at TM Pick n Pay stores) or use it at any Zimswitch ATM to withdraw funds. They can also access the funds through Meikles MyCash mobile banking to transfer money to other banks or to pay bills
  • Funds are held in USD


Why send to a Meikles MyCash card?

As a new cashless method to store and transfer funds locally, Meikles MyCash enables recipients to carry out a wide range of financial activity. Meikles MyCash card users can carry out person to person payments, bill payments, and transfer to/from bank accounts. They can also use their card at any Zimswitch POS swipe machine (including at any TM Pick n Pay store) and make cash withdrawals from ATM machines.

When recipients first register for free at any participating TM Pick n Pay location, they will receive a physical card that can be used to access the available services. The card will be linked to their mobile phone number so they can download the Meikles ‘MyCash’ app or access a USSD service menu by dialling *212#.

Find the nearest kiosk here.

Recipients can pay the following service providers: ZESA Pre-Paid, City of Harare, ZOL, and more.



How quickly will the money arrive?

For existing Meikles MyCash cardholders, funds will be credited instantly. You can send money to any Zimbabwean mobile phone number even if your recipient hasn’t registered yet. They will need to register for a Meikles MyCash card using a valid passport, driving license or national identity card within 7 days of receiving your transfer to access the funds. If not, WorldRemit will return your transfer to you.


What does it cost Meikles MyCash account holders?

Once your recipient in Zimbabwe has registered for a Meikles MyCash card, they can send and receive to and from other Meikles MyCash cardholders for free. It is free to register for a Meikles MyCash card and there are no monthly costs. However, there are fees for bill/merchant payments, cash withdrawals and transfers to other bank accounts. For more information, refer to the Meikles MyCash card charges.  


How do I send funds to someone who doesn’t currently have a Meikles MyCash Card?

You can make a transfer to any Zimbabwean mobile phone number for any mobile network operator (Econet, NetOne and Telecel) as long as the recipient is happy to link that mobile phone number to their Meikles MyCash card. It does not matter if they already have an existing mobile money wallet linked to that mobile phone number.

Recipients will need to take their valid passport, driving license or national identity card to a Meikles MyCash kiosk at their nearest participating TM Pick n Pay supermarket. Find the nearest kiosk here.


More information about the service can be found on the Meikles MyCash card website.


Meikles MyCash TM Pick n Pay


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