A southeast Asian woman in a fur coat smiling at the camera

Philippines: Reasons to be proud

Philippines is a global leader in women in business.

In a survey of businesses across different countries, the Philippines ranks among the highest in the proportion of senior management team roles held by women at 40 percent (Grant Thornton 2017).

The proportion of senior business roles held by women in Asia Pacific (APAC) has risen from 23 percent last year to 25 percent this year, a global survey conducted by an audit firm showed on Wednesday.

According to the same study, women in senior roles in the Philippines, India and Indonesia have risen from 26 to 29 percent. Meanwhile, for other countries from the region, such as Japan and Australia, the figures stayed at 13 percent.

In a recent report of the World Economic Forum on 2016 Global Gender Gap, the Philippines maintained its highest rank in the ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations), which the country has done since 2006 when WEF first started releasing the Global Gender Gap Report. 

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