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Inspirational Women

Every day thousands of women send money home to their families and friends through WorldRemit. On International Women's Day we are celebrating the women who are helping to build a better life for others at every level.

Our customers

Despite the global gender pay gap women are sending almost the same amount as men through WorldRemit. Money that is used to support the education of their family and wider family, money sent to support healthcare and even to start businesses, our customers play a crucial role in the lives of their community.

Women speaking out for others

We recently worked with the African Diaspora Magazine to host a roundtable event to discuss how the diaspora can support Africa. Attendees included

Justina Mutale, African Woman of the Year. Originally from Zambia, Justina is the Founder and President of the Justina Mutale Foundation, which incorporates Justina Mutale University Scholarship Programme for Underprivileged Young Women from Africa and the Founder of POSITIVE RUNWAY: The Global Catwalk to Stop the Spread of HIV/AIDS.

Debbie Ariyo, founder and CEO at AFRUCA. Debbie is a British-Nigerian. Born in the UK, she grew up in Nigeria and now lives in the UK. Debbie founded AFRUCA Africans Unite Against Child Abuse in 2001. The organisation focuses on the protection of children and provides services to meet their safeguarding needs.

Pumela Salela, Brand South Africa’s Country Head for the UK. In her private capacity, Pumela is the Chairperson of the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Alumni Association and is a mentor for Graca Machel Scholars (providing an opportunity for women from rural and disadvantaged backgrounds to access postgraduate studies). She has also been named as one of South Africa’s Most Inspirational Women.

They shared their thoughts on the event and how the diaspora can support Africa

and also their experiences of the challenges women face and their advice to others.

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