The terms and conditions below are those by which WorldRemit and Tigo Money International Remittances 2021 is governed.

Promotion: Incentive campaign to recipients in Guatemala receiving money via WorldRemit and Tigo Money.

Incentive: The recipient will receive 30.00 Q on air time and an additional promotional bonus of 40.00 Q that will be credited to their wallet within 24 hours after the recipient has received a paid transfer. This promotion applies to all transfers received via WorldRemit and successfully paid by Tigo Money during the promotional time. 

Promotion time: The campaign shall be valid from 2 to 31 August, 2021.


  1. There is no minimum amount required for the transfer.
  2. The 30 Q on air time balance will apply only three-time per customer.
  3. The recipients in Guatemala who are NOT registered with the Tigo Money wallet will receive an SMS indicating they have received a remittance and they must register with the Tigo Money wallet or can register from any authorized channel (Tigo Money agents, Tigo agencies, or visiting the WebApp:
    • Once registered, the remittance is automatically credited to their wallet and they can withdraw it in any authorized channel or use it in their wallet to pay for services, top-ups, etc.
    • The 40.00 Q bonus will be credited to their wallet within 24 hours after the recipient has received the money in their Tigo Money wallet. When the 40.00 Q voucher is credited to the recipient’s wallet, they will receive an SMS indicating their voucher has been credited and they can make use of that available electronic money; the customer will be able to withdraw it or use it in the wallet.
  4. This promotion is specific to customers sending money via WorldRemit and the mentioned partners, this promotion cannot be shared, abused or used in conjunction with other offers. 
  5. WorldRemit reserves the right to alter, suspend or cancel this promotion at any time.

Our website and app terms and conditions, found via the link below, apply alongside these specific Terms and Conditions.

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