Sangeeta Deogawanka, Independent consultant   05 June 2020

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Mobile phones have become a  lifeline for African people, especially those who live in remote places. Mobile remittances received from families working abroad are the primary sources of income for many households.

In our article, we shed light on how to make a digital money transfer to selected African countries, as well as show you why to use WorldRemit as your preferred service.


Our money transfer services are one of the fastest and most secure ways to transfer money and are available in 150 countries worldwide, with a significant footprint in Africa.

The African diaspora can now send money directly from their phones to any bank account in 43 African countries. WorldRemit is present even in the most remote areas of Africa, with more than 106,000 mPesa agents and banking networks, business and merchants serving as remittance partners. At the same time, residents of the three listed African countries can make money transfers abroad using WorldRemit. 

Here's why we've been called the best mobile money service provider

WorldRemit is fast

Most of our transactions are completed within a few minutes Emergencies hit us when we least expect it, and so providing a fast service is one of our utmost priorities.

For example, through using WorldRemit, Abu, who owns a bakery in downtown Washington, was able to send money instantly to his wife's mobile account when his child fell ill. 

WorldRemit is cheap

WorldRemit fees are one of the lowest in the world, based on the World Bank price comparison rates. A comparative assessment shows that on average, our costs are 25% cheaper than Ria, Western Union, and Moneygram; and 48% less expensive than using banks for remittances. 

WorldRemit is secure 

As a world leader in remittance services, WorldRemit takes pride in being a secure financial service.

Agatha has wrapped up her business in Sydney to return home post COVID-19. She can confidently transfer her money to her brother's bank account for a bank deposit in her name and make payments to a bank in Durban for accommodation. She is a long-time user of WorldRemit and trusts our services.

WorldRemit is cashless

WorldRemit money transfers are 100% digital; no cash is involved. We offer a wide range of payment methods, from credit or debit card to various bank transfer options.

All you need is a mobile phone or access to a computer. Digital money remittances are the safest way of transferring money as they have a permanent record, and do not involve the risk of handling physical cash. This allows migrants to remit even small amounts to their families and friends, or make mobile airtime top-ups to ensure they are always connected with their loved ones.

WorldRemit is convenient

The only thing you need to set up an account with WorldRemit is your email address. The WorldRemit system is automated and transparent, letting you know the fees involved in remitting an amount of money. You can remit money on-the-go from anywhere in the world, using your smartphone. The WorldRemit wallet is a secure, convenient, and seamless way to make payments and store money.

Use the fast and secure payment service of WorldRemit to send money to any location or partner in Africa with just the recipient's phone number.

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How can you send money abroad with WorldRemit? 

It's simple - once the money is transferred to a mobile money account, the recipient can walk up to the nearest cash pickup booth and withdraw cash in local currency or keep some in the mobile wallet as savings.

The recipient can then use the mobile money to pay bills, send and receive money, support various economic activities through loans and overdraft services.

Mobile banking in Africa works out 19% cheaper than traditional banking and 54% cheaper than other informal options.

Sending money to Africa using mobile banking is as easy as sending a text message. However, as each country has its regulations, the costs of transferring money to a destination may differ.

Money can be remitted as a secure transfer directly to a bank account, a mobile money account or wallet within minutes or for cash pickup from a number of locations. Add-on services include direct business payments and mobile airtime top-up.

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Which services are offered in some of the top receiving countries in Africa?

When you transfer money to any of the following countries, you can see the exchange rate and fees upfront. Then, you enter the amount, add the recipient and pay by your chosen payment method.

Both you and the recipient will receive a notification when the money arrives at the destination.

Let us explore how remittances work for each of these countries.


Make instant money transfers to Cameroon using our secure services. Options include bank deposit, cash pickups, airtime top-ups, WorldRemit Wallet, and mobile money to Express Union accounts.

Check out more details on this page.


As the leading money transfer provider in Ghana, WorldRemit allows you to make bank transfers, airtime top ups, mobile money, cash pickups, and WorldRemit wallet transfers. We charge a fixed small fee, and the transfer takes less than 10 minutes!

Check out more details on this page.


More than 90% of money transfers to Kenya are completed in less than 10 minutes. It's no wonder that WorldRemit is a preferred remittance service to Kenya. Your options include bank transfers, cash pickups, airtime top-ups, and mobile money wallets to mPesa and Equitel accounts.

Check out more details on this page.


Remittances to Nigeria are almost instant, with over 90% of bank transfers arriving in less than 10 minutes. You can send money as a bank transfer, airtime top-up, and cash pick up.

More details are available on this page.

South Africa

Sending money to South Africa through other channels can be costly, which makes WorldRemit a popular choice. You can choose between bank transfer, cash pickup, and airtime top-up.

More details are available on this page.

Tanzania and Zimbabwe

Transfer options include cash pickup, bank transfers, airtime top-ups and mobile money transfer to EcoCash wallet.

Check out the details for Tanzania here and Zimbabwe on this page.

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