Terri-Jane Dow, Copywriter   17 December 2019

International Migrants Day is on the 18th December, so we’ve spoken to some of our customers to see how they use WorldRemit, and what being an International Migrant looks like for them.

Here’s Laureen’s story.


Laureen had been married for two years when she and her husband moved to the UK from Nigeria, so that Laureen could study for her Masters at the University of Manchester. They’ve lived in Manchester since 2009, and Laureen has just had a new baby.

“In Nigeria,” she says, “it’s traditional to look after your parents. My children will look after me when they are grown up.” She sends money home to her mum, for upkeep, medication, and everyday items. “I don’t tell her what she can spend it on; it’s her money to do what she wants.”

Laureen hasn’t been able to go home since she and her husband moved to the UK. 

“The money goes home instead of me.”

She also sends money back to her school and university in Nigeria, with a group of classmates. “My school alumni and I give back to our secondary schools and to our university, where I did my first degree. It’s money for renovations on the buildings, or for a new lab, or something like that. I was happy when you introduced business accounts so that I can send straight to the school. I used to send money on to one of my school friends, but now I can send it to the business account. It’s a lot of help to the schools that we’re able to give back. My husband sends money back to his family, and back to school, too.”

Laureen used to use another money transfer service, because “everyone used it,” but she and her husband both switched to using WorldRemit in 2013. “It’s so convenient. The money arrives instantly. Very rarely there’s been a delay, but before you know it there’s a text message to confirm that it’s fixed, and then it’s all very quick. We’ve never been disappointed.” She says that the best thing about using WorldRemit is the peace of mind.

“You always know the money will end up where it’s supposed to. With WorldRemit we’ve never had any worries that it will go to the wrong place, or that someone won’t receive it. We know it’s safe.”

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