Iva Kubickova, Content Executive   01 October 2019

Visual representation of a security box showing how safe and secure worldremit is

Paying for things online can sometimes seem like a leap of faith. As you click that final pay button, you put your trust in the companies you’re dealing with to take care of your money and your personal information.

With the rise of online fraud, the ways companies protect your money has rapidly improved, too. And WorldRemit is working hard to keep the bad guys at bay. There are whole teams, processes, and procedures installed behind the scenes working hard to keep you (and your hard-earned money) safe.

Here is what we do to protect you.

1. We employ industry-leading processes

All connections to WorldRemit through our website and mobile app are secured and encrypted.

To screen transactions and look for signs of fraud and money laundering, we have built a robust and sophisticated automated machine learning system, which helps us accelerate and improve our decision-making in real-time.

We are also protecting ourselves! Our software and cloud services are internally monitored and shielded against viruses.

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2. We use secure payment systems

We’re using advanced methods set up to fight card fraud and help card payments go through securely. 

The payment systems we use are secure - from debit/ credit cards to various payment service providers (including SOFORT, Poli, Interac, Trustly, Apple Pay and Android Pay).

Our website and mobile app use a 3D Secure technology. Before using your card online, ensure that 3D Security protects your payments. We accept cards issued by Visa (Verified by Visa), Mastercard and Maestro SecureCode.

What does 3D Secure mean to you in terms of using our services? When you reach the payment page, you might see a box popping up from your card issuer asking you for additional information. It is designed to confirm that it’s you who’s using your card. Only you and your card issuer know what your code is. WorldRemit can’t see it.

If we detect several unsuccessful payment attempts over a short time, we will also block your card. If this happened to you by accident, please contact our customer service team so that we can help you.

3. We take regulations seriously

We’re a fully licensed money transfer service. Operating as an Authorised Electronic Money Institution, we’re regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) under the Payment Service Regulations 2017 and Electronic Money Regulations 2011. The FCA is a financial regulatory body in the United Kingdom, operating independently of the UK Government. 

As we send money internationally, we also have to meet the requirements of other global regulatory bodies.

Following these regulations, we protect our customers against fraud and safeguard their funds.

GDPR has been in the news a great deal over the last year but what does it mean for you? It means we need your consent to store and use your data. If you give us your consent, we’re also obliged to follow strict rules to keep them secure.

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4. Our team works extra hard to keep you safe

Our whole team works together to fight online fraud. From Compliance to Security teams, we are continually monitoring transactions and looking for signs of suspicious activity. If something doesn’t add up, we take immediate action to protect your account, sensitive details and money.

And it’s not only fraud we protect you from – we are also familiar with the latest trends that scammers use. We also continuously review all accounts and transactions to ensure they’re not being used for the wrong purposes.

If we suspect that someone knows your password, we’ll temporarily freeze your account and reach out to you to help you secure your account.

And remember, if you use WorldRemit, we will never:

  • Create transactions on your behalf
  • Ask for your debit/ credit card details over the phone
  • Ask you to share your login details with us

If emails from WorldRemit seem suspicious, do not reply. Instead, contact us at staysafe@worldremit.com so that we can assist you.

5. You can talk to us 24/7

One of the worst nightmares for a customer using an online company is having an issue, but not being able to reach anyone to help.

Luckily, this is not the case with WorldRemit. Our customer service team is on hand to answer calls and emails 24/7 in several languages and in three different time zones (the UK, US, and the Philippines). 

When you contact us, we never disclose any information about your account before verifying that we’re speaking to the account holder. Even when we call you, we’ll need to confirm that it’s you who answered the phone. We’re determined to share your information only with you – and we’re consistent about it.

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6. We’re a credible and long-established company

WorldRemit was founded by Ismail Ahmed, an expert in global remittances, in 2010.

Today, more than 4 million customers have come to trust us with their money.

There are more than 125,000 five-star reviews of our comapny online, so don’t take just our word for it. On Trustpilot alone, we have nearly 30,000 five-star reviews, showing just how convenient our service is to people around the world.

Our efforts within the remittance industry have also earned us many awards. Here’s just a few of them:

Our work is also backed by investments from AccelTCV and Leapfrog Investments – early investors in Facebook, Netflix, and Slack.


We take pride in being a trustworthy and secure money transfer service. So yes - WorldRemit is safe!

For more information, check our Privacy and Security page. We have also prepared a list of things to do so you can stay safe online.

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