Isabel Bolivar, Marketing Manager   04 March 2019

Nouel Estrella smiling and holding a chopping board with steak and fries

Nouel Estrella's story is anything but ordinary.

Born in the Dominican Republic, she followed her mother on diplomatic missions between Haiti and Paris. So finding a home in new countries has become a part of her life. She says;

“Immigration is a universe of challenges, and I was fortunate to have grown up with a family that travelled."

She found that adapting to new cultures got more comfortable with every country she moved to.

Nouel married a Dominican man and they decided to migrate to the United States. And in 1994 she opened a restaurant in Miami Beach with her business partner, the Mexican singer, Paulina Rubio.

The inspiration for her restaurant came from the fixed-price restaurants she knew in Paris and Geneva – restaurants where guests are offered only one main dish – steak with salad and fries. However, the X-factor comes with the sauce they serve. So she decided to develop her own recipe.


Do one thing and do it well

The concept of ‘Do one thing and do it well’ paid off. For 13 years, the restaurant "L'Entrecôte de Paris" attracted diners, tourists as well as international celebrities such as Sylvester Stallone, Liza Minelli, Enrique Iglesias and Marc Anthony.

Following years of success in the US, she then decided to spice things up and move to Europe and then to her homeland. Eventually, she returned to Miami with the idea of selling her products, so people could enjoy the taste "L'Entrecôte de Paris" in their own homes.

We visited Nouel in Miami Beach. We spoke to her about her life as an immigrant, asked her advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and, of course, discussed her secret sauce.

You can learn a little more about Nouel's career in this video.