Iva Kubickova   11 February 2019

Worldremit Icon of a man sending money online to a friend

Sending money abroad can sometimes seem like a difficult task. You need to travel to a money transfer branch during opening hours, queue up and pay high fees for a transfer you cannot track until it reaches the destination. 

Or, for a hassle-free experience, you can use WorldRemit. Most of our transfers reach its destination instantly, and you can follow the transaction’s journey via our mobile app, or the website. All of this from the comfort of your home! 

And because there is a first time for everything, we prepared a list of all the information to get you started. 


1. The essentials for sending money with WorldRemit 

WorldRemit account

It’s easy to register with WorldRemit – it only takes a couple of minutes! When you register, we’ll ask you for your:

  • Email address (which will become your username)
  • Full name
  • Password
  • Sending country

FYI: If you live in Australia and want to send funds to the Philippines, your sending country is Australia.

Wifi or data connection

For the best experience, we recommend you use a stable and strong WiFi connection to avoid any disasters halfway through!

Bank account

You’ll need to have a bank account in your own name, registered in your sending country.

We offer a variety of ways to send your money. To check which payment methods we offer in your sending country, visit our Payments FAQ page.

Smartphone or a computer

There are two ways how to access your WorldRemit account.

  1. Via our website
  2. Via a WorldRemit app in your smartphone.

For website access, you need a computer/laptop with an up-to-date internet browser. You can log in from the main page.

Tip: Google Chrome is the most compatible browser with our service.

Do you prefer to send money on the go? Download our WorldRemit app from Google Play (Android device) and App Store (iOS device) to your tablet or mobile phone.

Once you open your mobile app, click on ‘Get Started’ and log in with your credentials.

Show me how to start using WorldRemit!

2. Personal information and ID verification 

We’re proud of how easy we make it to send money abroad – sometimes our process is so fast, that our customers wonder why we need to request additional documents.

This is because we offer not only fast international transfers but also safe and secure ones. Even though we’re not a bank, we are financial institution regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (a regulatory body in the United Kingdom) and this means we value the security of your money and your personal details at all times.

For your convenience and safety, our dedicated teams monitor customer identity on every single transfer. At times, we might need to request additional documents from you so that we can release your transfer. In some cases, we will call you to verify the purpose of your transaction. We do this to meet our regulatory requirements and to better serve our customers. Head over to our identity verification page for more details. 


Personal details – so we know who you are

  • Full name - When you are creating your WorldRemit account, please fill in your official name as it appears on your ID documents.

    - Include all your middle names.
    - Use the correct order of your names.

  • Residential address
  • Date of birth

Contact details – in case we need to get in touch 

  • Telephone number - We need this as the quickest way of getting in touch with you. And if you ever need to update your details, we also send you a verification code to this phone number.
  • Your email address

What kind of emails will you receive from us?

  1. Confirmation of your transfer details, or any cancellations and amendments.
  2. Important changes in WorldRemit services.
  3. Any promotions or discounts we’re running (you don’t want to miss those!).

What documents can I use to prove my identity?


Each country you can send from will have different remittance requirements that we need to abide by, so the type of verification we will need can be different depending on which country you are sending from and the amount that you are sending.

For most countries, we can accept a valid international passport. You can also provide a national ID or driving license - depending on what country you send the money from.

Example: If you are sending money from Canada then we accept an international passport, Canadian driving license or Canadian ID/ residence card.

Are you looking for specific requirements related to your sending country? Choose the area below:

TIP: Why not upload your ID before creating your transfer? This will speed up the release of your transfer, in case we need to request any supporting documents from you later.

You can upload your documents here:

Is it safe to give WorldRemit my personal information?

Taking care of your personal details is our highest priority. We protect your information in accordance with our privacy policy.

3. Your recipient’s information


Here’s what you’ll need to know about the person you’re sending money to:

Mobile Money Service

  • Mobile money account number of your recipient
  • Telephone number of your recipient
    - We ask for this purely for contact purposes – this number might be the same as their Mobile money account number, but some people prefer to have a different contact number.
  • The name for the above Mobile money account
    - Make sure to check with your recipient which name they registered their Mobile money account with.
  • Address

Bank transfer service

  • Recipient’s bank account details
    - These will vary depending on the receiving country - visit FAQ of your receiving country for more information.
  • Full name
  • Address
  • Telephone number

Are you interested in our bank account service? Then read our WorldRemit bank account transfer guide.

Cash pick up Service

  • Recipient’s full name
    - Include all of your recipient’s middle names in the correct order.
    - Recipient’s name must match the ID they will collect with.
  • Telephone number
    - Once the transaction is ready for collection, your recipient will receive a text message from us with collection information.
  • Address

How does cash WorldRemit pick up service work? Learn more about the service and become a cash pick up troubleshooter.

Airtime Service

  • Recipient’s phone number you wish to top up


And this is it!

With our online service, sending money to your loved ones abroad is an easy job. We will guide you throughout the whole process and will be happy to answer all questions via email or call.

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