CMG Content partnership   18 December 2018

Akosua Dentaa Amoateng is an award-winning British Ghanaian TV personality, singer, manager and entrepreneur.

As a strong advocate for the Ghanaian community, she became a founder of the Ghana UK Based Awards (GUBA). And in her role as a community champion, she’s been recognised for her hard work strengthening the relationship between the UK and African communities.

In 2016, she was awarded an MBE (Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) by the queen, and a year later she received the Ghana Peace Awards Humanitarian Service Laureate.

Her message is powerful, influential and meaningful. And her non-profit organisation provides an engaging platform for promoting greater cultural diversity in the UK, as well as promoting the profile of Ghana.

She’s a real role model to the women of the African diaspora. In our interview with her, we were delighted to hear her all about her journey and benefit from her wisdom.


Hi Akosua! Please tell us a little about how you’ve arrived at where you are today.

My educational journey began at Walthamstow School for Girls. I then studied Media Studies, Performing Arts and Sociology at the Leyton Sixth Form College. This was followed by a paediatric nursing degree at Buckinghamshire University.

My dream from a young age was to become an actress and TV presenter. I was blessed to be able to do so through the Dentaa show. My passion, however, has always been to work with children, so I took a degree in nursing. I’ve been a practising Paediatric Nurse for some years now.

How did you move into TV presenting, acting, singing, producing and managing?

I’ve always had an interest in many different areas, and I always try to put my ideas into practice. With this in mind, I joined acting agencies, recorded and aired the first Dentaa Show.

The success of Dentaa Show allowed me to venture into other presenting and acting roles.

I also love singing and feel passionate about using my voice to praise the Lord’s name. That’s why I recorded a gospel album. I’ve always been a confident person but was unaware of my skills. Sometimes you don’t discover your skills until you start doing something new. I had no idea how to begin with the GUBA awards, but carried on boldly and now I am happy with the achievement.



On the subject of the GUBA Awards, can you tell us more about GUBA Enterprise?

GUBA Enterprise consists of the GUBA Awards, GUBA Expo, GUBA Foundation and GUBA Careers & Investment Fair. Over the last 5 years, it’s been dedicated to promoting excellence in the African community. As a non-profit organisation, it focuses on enriching the African community in the UK, with the aim of empowerment and growth.

GUBA Awards 

GUBA is an acronym for ‘Ghana UK Based Achievement Awards’. It’s an annual event, dedicated to highlighting and rewarding outstanding achievers.

We encourage young people to work hard and have a positive impact on their communities. It’s endorsed by Boris Johnson, MP Diane Abbot, Mrs Cherie Blair, The British High Commission and Lord Paul Boateng. The next GUBA Awards will take place in June 2019.

“We encourage young people to work hard and have a positive impact on their communities.”


GUBA Foundation

The GUBA Foundation is an initiative that was set up to tackle health issues within the African community. The campaign this year is Infant Mortality.

In Ghana, a new-born baby dies every fifteen minutes due to the lack of incubators and proper hospital equipment. The current campaign aims to raise money to purchase 100 incubators for the affected hospitals and countries.

A previous campaign centred on raising awareness about autism in the African community in the UK. The foundation held several seminars connecting families affected by autism with healthcare professionals and services to try and eradicate the stigma attached to this condition.



The GUBA Expo is a platform for small and medium businesses to exhibit their products/services, whilst also engaging with industry personnel on business growth strategies. The main focus of the expo is to encourage entrepreneurship through various workshops and seminars. The 2016 expo was a platform to recognise and provide opportunities for African small and medium businesses to excel in the UK.

The GUBA Careers and Investment Fair

The GUBA Careers and Investment Fair aims to connect corporate firms in Ghana and Africa with skilled individuals in the UK.


How do people take part in the GUBA Awards?

The GUBA Awards focuses on people. Each year, the GUBA team looks at areas we feel aren’t represented or acknowledged, and we craft categories in accordance.

Once categories have been finalised, there’s a call for nominations. The general public then nominates their candidates.

GUBA judges sort through the nominations, ensuring that nominees fit the criteria set out for each category. The public then votes for the shortlisted nominees and winners are announced at the awards.


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur and who is your biggest inspiration?

The initial motivation to become an entrepreneur came from my husband.

Then with my background in presenting, Oprah Winfrey also inspires me to work harder and achieve more each day. Her humanitarian ventures make me want to do more to help my community.

Besides that, my constant motivation comes from my children. I want to show them that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.

“My children are my motivation. I want to show them that anything is achievable if you set your mind to it.”

How do you want to be remembered as an influential figure?

I want to be remembered as a change-maker. The type of individual that has enriched her community, country and continent. I want to inspire generations to embark on entrepreneurial journeys and to give back to their communities.


What challenges did you face and how have you overcome them?

Establishing yourself in any industry comes with its difficulties. In the beginning, it was challenging to balance my private life with work. But I drew strength from my supportive family and team. I started delegating to my able team and made sure I had time for my family.

Once GUBA Awards were set up, one of the main challenges was funding. As a non-profit scheme, generating funding and sponsorships was one of the main hurdles we had to overcome.

We’ve worked on our brand for years, and our purpose and aim are well known, so we are a bit more stable in that area. With time, it’s been easier to gain funding.

Please share some advice with us that you wish someone had given you when you were growing up?

In order for you to succeed, always be confident and persistent in the path that you take.