Iva Kubickova, Content Marketing Executive   17 September 2018

"If you want to do something for Africa, buy African produce.”

We introduce you to Sam Ochieng, a Kenyan businessman living in the United Kingdom. We met Sam when he was nominated as a community champion in CMG’s African Diaspora Awards, sponsored by WorldRemit.

 Sam moved to the United Kingdom from Kenya in 1989 to pursue further studies. During his research, he found out that only a few organisations specialised in providing business advice and information to African students or entrepreneurs. From this realisation, SACOMA (Sahara Communities Abroad) was born - offering training and educational programmes for Africans pursuing studies and business opportunities abroad.

Today the SACOMA platform significantly improves lives in rural areas in Africa by providing information and recourses to small-scale Kenyan and African farmers to market their high-quality organic products in the United Kingdom.

Sam is devoted to bringing down the economic barriers between Africa and the rest of the world. His mission is to help African farmers overcome skills and technology challenges to play a stronger role in the international market.

Considering concepts like the difference in value between selling and exporting raw products like sweet potatoes vs. a product made from sweet potatoes, he teaches farmers how to add value to fulfil their business potential on the international market and links farmers with foreign merchants.

We asked him to tell us more about his mission and what changes he can see when he comes back home to Kenya.

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