Jill Lloyd   06 August 2018

WorldRemit met Josefina, the founder of Rootencial, at the African Diaspora Roundtable organised by CMG’s African Diaspora Magazine, where we discussed the challenge of owning the African narrative and creating positive role models for Africans in the diaspora. To address this challenge, Josefina set up “Rootencial”, meaning "roots with potential." Josefina describes Rootencial as “an African-inspired initiative celebrating the vibrant talents and limitless potential of African and African diaspora communities."

She says: “We amplify their authentic narratives and powerful stories, broadcasting African inspiration and innovation to the world. We work to create opportunities for African and African diaspora communities, which can feed a positive impact back to these communities and society as a whole.”


The opportunity to collaborate and provide mutual support in driving forwards this shared ambition was immediately apparent and we are proud to be working with Rootencial to share the stories of inspirational Africans from across the Continent.

Rootencial will be contributing regularly to our blog and WorldRemit will be sharing these stories with our audience across social media. Watch the video above to learn more about Josefina and read the story of her journey to set up Rootencial here.