Jill Lloyd   30 July 2018

WorldRemit is collaborating with CMG International Media Group to support the mission of the group’s African Diaspora Magazine in helping people from across Africa to tell their own stories and take control of the representation of African nations and their people in the international narrative.

In the video below Conrad Mwanza, Managing Director of CMG and founder of The African Diaspora Magazine, outlines the vision for The African Diaspora Magazine. WorldRemit is partnering with CMG to amplify the stories of inspirational Africans through our media channels and to help to bring people together to forge a brighter future for Africa.


About CMG International Media Group

CMG International Media Group is an Events lead business-to-business and business to retail communications platform, whose primary service and product offerings are Events, Media and Publishing. Through an authoritative, definitive and poignant stable of events and media platforms, the company is working to establish itself as a prominent force in the UK and Abroad to ensure local and international businesses have access to effective vehicles of communication and marketing that are distributed to key public and private sector stakeholders. CMG creates, designs and delivers Awards ceremonies that reach thousands of people across every sector.

These awards publicly celebrate excellence, highlighting what is best, what is effective and what is valued. Valuing outstanding achievement in individuals, teams and businesses, CMG events are specifically designed to give everyone involved – entrants, sponsors, winners and supporters, a great environment in which to network, learn, celebrate and share.

Publications include:


The African Diaspora Magazine

Events include:

The Zimbabwe Achiever Awards

The African Diaspora Awards