Jill Lloyd   26 July 2018

Having begun her career in marketing and brand management, she went on to complete an MBA in the UK as a Nelson Mandela scholar. Graduating with a distinction, she then moved into the public sector working for a number of global institutions such as the World Bank in driving a brighter future for Africa. Today she is the Country Head for the United Kingdom (UK) under Brand South Africa, the custodian of the South Africa Country Brand. Alongside this role, she regularly advises businesses in innovation and technology.

Her contribution to creating systems which address poverty was acknowledged by The Rockefeller Foundation who selected Salela to be one the 18 global recipients of the foundation’s inaugural Global Fellowship on Social Innovation –the only South African to receive the honour. In her private capacity, she chairs the Nelson Mandela Scholarship Alumni Association and is a mentor to Graca Machel Scholars. She is featured in the 2013 issue of the book: South Africa’s Most Inspirational Women.

 We caught up with her when she attended the African Diaspora Roundtable discussion, which WorldRemit hosted on behalf of the African Diaspora Magazine to learn who inspired her. As part of our Mandela 100 celebrations, we wanted to share the story of how Mandela changed the course of her life.