Jill Lloyd   06 March 2018

  1. What makes you proud to be Ghanaian?

The rich culture and traditions. When you hear someone not from Ghana say I want to go Ghana because Ghanaians are peaceful people.

  1. What do you miss most about Ghana?

The beautiful people, the sun, family

  1. What are your dreams for Ghana?

To move back one day and progress my business further and enjoy life more

  1. How are you supporting Ghana and the Ghanaian community?

Miss Ghana UK Foundation gives young ladies opportunity to learn about their culture and learn life skills. We also support orphanages and schools in Ghana with yearly donations. As a community leader I continue to support people and form partnership with other organisations wherever possible. Last year we started Star Project (a partnership between Ghana Union and Miss Ghana UK Foundation) a language school to give young/adults the opportunity learn a Ghanaian language.

  1. What advice or guidance would give to others wanting to help support Ghana and Ghanaian to achieve their ambitions and to support their community?

Every little helps by giving your time or sending Monterey funds to support people or projects will make a difference in someone's life or the lives of a community.