Canada   02 January 2017

Stephane moved to Quebec City for work. Credit: WorldRemit

Stephane Chouapi lives in Canada. But his roots are more than 8,000 miles away in west Africa.

Originally from Douala, Cameroon, he was given the opportunity to move to Canada and work as a computer scientist as part of the Canadian government's fast track scheme.

“It’s very inspiring and every day you learn something new,” Stephane says.

When he isn’t at work, Stephane tries to keep as active as possible. “I like every kind of sport,” he says.

Stephane loves to exercise and play sport. Picture: WorldRemit

It was not an easy decision to move across continents for work, but the opportunity was not something he could turn down. While he feels at home in Quebec City, there are certain comforts he misses back in Cameroon including his family and friends.

He says, “I always think about those places and those people.”

But working in Canada means Stephane can help the people he left behind.

He used to send money home as a bank deposit, which had proven to be a slow and tedious process until a friend who was living in Canada introduced him to WorldRemit.

After signing up to the platform, he was impressed with its convenience and low fees. He says it was “accessible” and “easy to use” from the beginning.

Being able to send money back to his family in Cameroon quickly and simply brings him comfort despite being so far away. 

“I need to support them, I need to help them,”  he says.

“I’m blessed and I thank God for that. I’ve been abroad and have good work, have a good career.

Stephane is determined to give his family the best opportunities possible.

As for the future, he wants to use his career success to help others and achieve great things, but he still has some way to go. 

“I think that I have a lot to learn ... I keep patient – I’m still working you know, in the hope that tomorrow I’m going to be able to, help people through my career."

Stephane looks forward to helping people through his career. Picture: WorldRemit

Stephane is grateful for the opportunity he has been given in moving to Quebec for work. He will always take care of his loved ones.

 “I need to support them. I need to help them.

Sharing is part of the culture he grew up in, so despite working hard at progressing his career so far away, he will always take care of his loved ones. He says: “I need to support them. I need to help them.

“My family is counting on me.”