Mariel Norton, Content Manager   16 September 2016

Stanley Dock: A set for a superhero. Picture: SPDP

Ever watch a film set in one place and realise it’s been filmed in another? You’d be surprised how many places double as different locations.

Check out these top film locations and see if you can identify any.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Set in America but filmed in… Liverpool’s Stanley Dock. This location doubles as docks in Brooklyn, New York.  

The Da Vinci Code

The exterior of Belvoir Castle near Leicestershire (with a little help from CGI) and the interiors of Burghley House, Lincolnshire, were used to represent the Pope’s summer residence overlooking Lake Albano near Rome.  


I dreamed a London dream. Picture: Binayak Dasgupta

Les Misérables

The streets of Paris were actually filmed at the Royal Naval College in Greenwich, London.  


Mel Gibson’s Oscar-winning film featuring the best of the Scottish Highlands actually used locations in Ireland, with Trim Castle in Co Meath depicting the English town of York. 

The famous zombie scene set in Scotland. Picture: Paul Robertson

World War Z

While the film shows locations of ‘Philadelphia’, World War Z was actually filmed in Europe. The zombie attack in ‘Philadelphia’ square was filmed in George Square, Glasgow, while scenes of ‘Jerusalem’ were filmed around Valletta on the island of Malta.

The English Patient

The plot for Anthony Minghella’s film was meant to take place in Italy and Egypt but due to difficulty accessing certain locations, they decided to set the desert scenes in Tunisia.

Bond in Bardenas Reales. Picture: Rafolas

The World Is Not Enough

The ‘Kazakhstan’ site where Bond encounters Christmas Jones is in fact Bardenas Reales near Tudela in Spain, while the skiing sequence featuring the attacking paragliders took place in Mont Blanc near Chamonix (not the ‘Caucasus Mountains’).

Has a famous location in your country been used in a film? Let us know in the comments below.