Fiona Graham, Head of Content   06 September 2016

Muna Abdi Hussein lives in Nairobi, Kenya.  

“It’s so hard, me and him to be far away.”

It’s a special day for Muna Abdi Hussein. Today is her first wedding anniversary, and she’s preparing a special meal to celebrate.

The young bride is still very much in love with her husband Abdi. They married after a whirlwind two month romance, and the couple still steal every chance to talk to each other throughout the day.

But it’s a bittersweet celebration – Abdi won’t be joining her for dinner.

While Muna lives in Nairobi in Kenya, her husband lives and works as a taxi driver almost 7,000 miles away in the capital of the United Kingdom, London.

Putting the finishing touches to the anniversary meal. Picture: WorldRemit

Fortunately for Muna, she has a strong support network, and she tries to keep busy.

“I’m someone who likes to do many things – just go out, going for dinner with my friends, going shopping. We do more things, do many activities, swimming.

“Mostly, weekends, Saturday or Friday, Friday evening I go to the gym. From Friday to Saturday evening I’m just busy, enjoying myself with my friends, visiting my aunt who lives near by me now.”

It helps – but it’s not the same as having Abdi there next to her. Despite this, Muna knows she’s in safe hands.

“After he drops the passenger, if he’s free, even though he gets two minutes, I know he will call me,” she says.

Muna tries to keep busy, visting friends and shopping for the home. Picture: WorldRemit

“Just put the video call – we chat, we talk. And I just feel at least he’s near me – then I’m comfortable at that time.”

And if there’s anything Muna needs – she knows Abdi’s there to support her.

“Sometimes I got sick then when I call him, he just tells me ‘call the cab, go to the hospital’,” she says.

“By the time I reach the hospital I know I will receive the money – from here to the hospital.

“If I need anything from my husband, he just sends the money through WorldRemit. As he sends, I receive it into two minutes. That is the reason why it changed my life, because it’s very fast to me.”

The money is sent directly into her M-Pesa account, so it arrives instantly. An SMS message tells Muna that her Mobile Money account has been topped up.

“By the time you receive the money on M-Pesa, you just go to the agent, then you withdraw your money in seconds. It doesn’t take minutes, it takes seconds then you just receive the money in your hands.”

Abdi sends money directly to Muna’s M-Pesa account on her mobile phone. Picture: WorldRemit

Although Abdi won’t be there in person at their anniversary meal, he will be there very much in spirit, sending a little extra so that Muna can enjoy herself on this special day.

“It hurts us to be apart, but he provides for me, he’s there for me.”

The separation is hard – but Muna hopes it won’t be forever.

“It’s so hard for him to come to here every time. He has to provide for me, he has to look after me,” she says.

Muna’s husband, Abdi. Picture: WorldRemit

“My hopes and plans for the future are for me and him to live together … I know he’s living a hard time and I’m living in a hard time,” she says.

“We are planning to live together in London.”

There’s just one problem.

“He says that it’s very cold!”