Mariel Norton, Content Manager   30 August 2016

Shakshuka is simply eggscellent. Picture: T.Tseng / Flickr 

Hard-boiled? Fried? Scrambled? As one of the world’s tastiest and most versatile foods, it’s no surprise the humble egg can be found cooked in a variety of ways.

So join us as we expand your recipe collection as well as your tastebuds with our selection of delicious eggy foods from around the world:

Shakshuka (North Africa/Middle East)

This dish consists of eggs cooked in a pan along with tomato sauce, onion, cumin, pepper and paprika. There’s also a popular variation of shakshuka known as ojja, originating from Spain where merguez sausage is added to the dish.  

Shoyu tamago (Japan)

If you love noodles, then you’ll love shoyu tamago – soy sauce egg. This soft boiled egg is commonly found  in ramen, and its yolky goodness is definitely the finishing touch to this dish.

An English classic. Picture: Blowing Puffer Fish /Flickr 

Scotch Eggs (England)

Take a boiled egg. Wrap it in meat. Deep fry it. Enjoy!

Munavoi (Finland)

A simple dish packed with Finnish flavor is munavoi – which translates as egg butter. Mash peeled hard boiled eggs with butter until broken up into a spreadable mixture, then serve on bread, salad or crackers.  

Tokneneng (Philippines)

Another hard-boiled egg recipe, this time it’s battered and deep-fried – served with a delicious tangy vinegar dipping sauce.

Traditionally French and tasty. Picture: Pamela / Flickr 

Oeufs en cocotte (France)

Add crème en fraiche to eggs and voila! You have the very tasty eggs in pots.

Steamed egg/egg custard (China)

China’s comfort food comes in the form of this savoury custard, where a bit of whisking and steaming delivers a silky smooth snack.

Bibimbap (Korea)

Literally translates as ‘mixed rice’, it’s served in a bowl with vegetables, meat, seasoned seaweed, bibimbap sauce with an egg on top.  

What’s your favourite way to cook eggs? Add your recipes below.