Mariel Norton, Content Manager   11 November 2016

Your mobile: small, but mighty. Picture: Francisco Osorio CC 2.0

When the mobile phone first came out, the first thing people got excited about was being able to make calls on the move. But several decades (and upgrades) later, our mobiles are much smarter – giving birth to their new name of ‘smartphones’.

So what exactly is so smart about them? From genius hacks to impressive apps, check out our list of cool things you never knew your smartphone could do:

1. Volumes speak louder than pictures. You know when you take a selfie, but the button on the screen is awkwardly placed so you spend a good five minutes navigating your thumb just to get the right shot? Awkward shots no more! Most phones allow you to take a photo simply by pressing down on the volume button placed on the side of the phone – and has been found to work on most iPhones and Android phones.

Selfies: What smartphones were made for. Picture: Maëlick CC 2.0

2. Block pop-ups while playing games. Isn’t it inconvenient when you’re in the middle of playing a game and you’re distracted by pop-up ads? Just go to Airplane mode – pop-ups are blocked and fun is restored.

3. Change your phone’s lock screen to an image containing your name and an emergency contact number. While it’s all well and good securing our phones in case they get stolen, what happens if you lose it – and there’s no way for anyone to access your phone to find out who it belongs to? Simply take a picture of your name and emergency contact number written on a sheet of paper (or taken in your notes app) then have that as your lock screen. Then wait and hope someone will hand your phone in using your details.

The security is in the screen. Picture: Ervins Strauhmanis CC 2.0

4. It’s all in the detail. For sharper and more detailed photos, use the main camera – but for softer-looking images, use the front camera. Photos taken with the main camera capture incredible distance shots while photos captured with the front camera give an airbrushed effect.

5. Send money instantly. You can make calls on the move, so why not send money on the move? Our WorldRemit app makes sending money easy, from wherever you are, at any time of day. And guess what? You don’t even need a smartphone to receive money – if your loved one has a basic handset and a mobile money account, they can receive money from WorldRemit straight into their account.

Sending money is as simple as sending a text message. Picture: WorldRemit

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