Mariel Norton, Content Manager   09 September 2016

Competition is good for the sole: The World Toe Wrestling Championship in Derbyshire, England. Picture: Caravanum

Do you love winning? Is the word losing alien to you? If you’ve got a bit of a competitive streak, why not try your chances in our pick of the world’s weirdest competitions?

Let the best man/woman win!

Rock is in the air: Air Guitar World Championships in Finland. Picture: quantummusicfestival

Air Guitar World Championships (Finland)

Air guitarists from around the world come together in Oulu, Finland, to show off their skills. Just bring your imaginary instrument.

Pig Squealing World Championship (France)

Can you grunt like a pig? Then head over to Paris to try your luck.

Cheers! Picture: Adrián Pérez

Headstand beer drinking (Czech Republic)

If you’re into gymnastics and alcohol, what better combination for a competition than headstand beer drinking.

Toe wrestling (England)

Why wrestle with arms when you can wrestle with toes? Like all truly great ideas, this one was the brainchild of four dedicated drinkers sitting in a pub back in 1974. The World Toe Wrestling Championship is held annually at the Bentley Brook Inn in Derbyshire, England.  

The things we do for love. Picture: Fro-Dol-Foe

Wife carrying (Finland)

We’re back in Finland again thanks to eukonkanto (otherwise known as wife carrying). The rules are easy – simply carry your wife (or any woman weighing no less than 50kg) over a 255m course in the shortest amount of time.

Battle of the oranges (Italy)

A tradition of throwing oranges between teams, the competition is celebrated in Ivrea and dates back to the 12th century.

Winner cries first: Baby crying in Japan. Picture: Guilhem Vellut

Baby crying (Japan)

The Nakizumo festival (which translates as crying sumo) is held every 26 April at the Sensoji Temple in Tokyo. 

Two babies are brought into the ring with a sumo wrestler, who makes faces while shouting naki (which means cry), to try and get the babies to wail. The child that cries first is the winner, but if it’s a tie, then the win goes to the baby who cries the loudest.

Baby jumping (Spain)

Want to cleanse your offspring of original sin? Head over to Castrillo de Murcia, where you can dress up as the devil and jump over newborn babies (who are lying on mattresses in the middle of the street).

What’s the weirdest event you’ve ever taken part in? Share your stories (and photos) in the comments. 

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