No fees on your first 3 transfers with us!

If you haven’t sent money with us before, we’ve got a deal right now that’s far too good to miss: when you send your first three transfers with us, you won’t pay any fees at all!

That’s right: you’ll be making savings on not just one, not even two, but on three whole transfers with us. And of course after that, the rest of your transfers with us will be just as fast, easy – and still low cost!

All you need to do is add the code "3FREE" on each of your first three transactions and you’ll say goodbye to any fees.

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It’s as easy as 1-2-3

1. Sign up with WorldRemit

2. Send your first transaction and use the code "3FREE" to send with no fees

3. Don’t forget to use the same code on your second and third transactions so they're fee-free as well

Start sending money now

Terms and Conditions

The promotion codes 3FREE, 3GRATUIT and 3GRATIS* provide you with a 100% discount on money transfer fees on your first three transactions with WorldRemit. You must apply the code to your first, second and third transactions in order to benefit from the discount. If the code is not applied to your first transaction it will not be valid for your second and third transactions and if the code if not applied to your second transaction it will not be valid for your third transaction. The code must be applied during the payment process. This code is valid until 31st August 2020 at 11pm GMT+1.

It must not be abused and cannot be used in conjunction with other offers. We reserve the right to alter, suspend or cancel this promotion at any time. You are liable for any personal tax consequences and compliance with relevant law in relation to this promotion. Our website and app terms and conditions, found below, apply alongside these specific Terms and Conditions.

* We have added the following codes that you can also use: TRACE, NOLLYWOOD, APLUS, TFC, GMA, ASAP, Jollibee1, Jollibee2, Jollibee3, Jollibee4, WRBEE, XMAS, EVENTS.


Why choose WorldRemit?

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    We're Simple

    No need to visit an agent. Send 90 currencies to 150 countries, from your smartphone or computer

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    We're Safe

    Our industry-leading technology protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time

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    We're Fast

    90% of our transactions are authorised in minutes

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    We're Low cost

    See our low fees and the best exchange rates up front, with no hidden costs

Safe and Secure
Your money’s in safe hands with us

Our industry-leading technology protects your money and guarantees it arrives safely every time.

  • Safe and secure - verified by Visa
  • Safe and secure - Mastercard
  • Safe and secure - Microsoft Azure
  • Safe and secure - PCI
WorldRemit - a better way to send money

A better way to send money

Faster, simpler, safer – send to those you love today.

Here's the proof
Trustpilot rates WorldRemit as excellent

Great app and I am very satisfied with their services when I am sending money to the Philippines. Fast, reliable, and always gives updates and feedback.

Leny S Martin - 5 months ago

Very easy to use App. Very efficient transfer in a timely manner. I like it very much. Very satisfied.

Shelia Nalls - 6 months ago

This is a very good app, I used it a few times and the service is great, it's easy to use and you could send money in a couple of minutes to almost anywhere in the world. The sign up is easy and quick. I like WorldRemit a lot; I'll be using them again in the future. Thank you, WorldRemit.

Shirley Pacai - 6 months ago

I find WorldRemit reliable and easy and fast to send cash overseas. App is simple to use and understand. Based on my personal experience I can recommend WorldRemit to others too.

Petri MA Otranen - 6 months ago

Great way to help your friends and relatives. This service did exactly what it said it would. Good feedback and enough locations for friends and family to pick up the money.

Norman Stites - 6 months ago

It’s a really good app, easy to use and fast. I just love WorldRemit.

Cindy Rojas - 7 months ago

It has been a stress-free experience. I would highly recommend WorldRemit to anyone. I will continue making use of their service. Their communication is excellent. Thank you!

Melanie Groenewald - 7 months ago

This platform of sending money to any part of the world is easy to use. Last 2 days I sent money to my country with good performance of the platform, my recipient received money within a day. Easy to Use I will recommend to people to use this app.

Muhammad Saleem - 7 months ago

I couldn't have chosen a better company to transfer funds for me. Efficient and very fast. Thank you very much!!

Paul Raad - 7 months ago