Send to the Philippines for 30 days’ free access to

30 days’ free access to when you send to the Philippines


Are you a true Kapamilya fan? Then we’ve got some great news.

We’ve partnered with ABS-CBN to give you free access to for 30 days when you make a money transfer to the Philippines.

How it works

step 1Send money 

Send a money transfer to the Philippines* on any day between now and March 6th 2017

step 2Receive your e-Pin

Once your transfer has been paid, we will email you a unique TFC e-Pin code and serial number to gain access**

step 3Register with 

Head over to by March 10th 2017, input your code, and you'll have free access for 30 days

* This promotion is available only if you're sending from USA, Canada, UK, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, United Arab Emirates, Australia or New Zealand.

** In most cases the e-PIN will be received the day after a transfer is completed. Only one e-Pin can be received by an individual per day.

Terms & Conditions

1. Within five business days of you sending a successfully paid out money transfer to the Philippines with WorldRemit from one of the listed countries in point 11. below on any day during the period December 8th 2016 – March 6th 2017 (“Promotion Period”), you will receive an e-Pin from WorldRemit (only one e-Pin can be received by an individual per day).

2. In order to receive the e-PIN, WorldRemit must be able to send you marketing email. If you have chosen not to give WorldRemit permission to communicate with you by email we will be unable to send you the e-PIN.

3. To redeem an e-Pin, the redeemer must register at by no later than March 10th 2017 (if the redeemer doesn't already have an account) and apply the e-Pin provided to gain free access to

4. The redeemer will then have free access to for 30 days. For all existing customers, your current subscription will be extended for 30 days, per valid e-pin.

5. Redemptions (including multiple redemptions which are permitted) are allowed up until March 10th. However, any active access redeemed under this Promo will be suspended on April 10th, 2017.

6. Use of WorldRemit’s AirTime Top-Up services do not qualify for this promotion.

7. WorldRemit reserves the right to refuse the issuing of e-Pins to anyone found to be abusing the promotion.

8. WorldRemit makes no warranty regarding and is not responsible for your access to or use of the services.

9. This promotion may be withdrawn or amended at any time by WorldRemit in its sole discretion including if it or any aspects of it are found to contravene any law or regulation.

10. These terms and conditions are governed by English law.

11. The promotion is available only if you're sending a successfully paid out money transfer to the Philippines from one of the following countries:

a. United States of America

b. Canada

c. United Kingdom

d. Norway

e. Sweden

f. Denmark

g. Finland

h. United Arab Emirates

i. Australia ("Promotion Period" only runs from February 1st 2017)

j. New Zealand ("Promotion Period" only runs from February 1st 2017)


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