How to watch TFC away from home

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TFC – so much more than just a TV Channel

With TFC on a screen near you, you need never feel homesick again. That’s because TFC (The Filipino Channel) brings Filipinos all over the world together and connects you all with home. It unites families and friends and really values and celebrates all that it means to be Filipino.   

But let’s not forget the entertainment. It offers some of the very best in TV. You can enjoy the most popular Pinoy TV shows, movies, live sport and news.

TFC is owned by the Filipino media conglomerate, ABS-CBN and is available globally on direct-to-home satellite, cable, IPTV (Internet Protocol TV) online streaming, video on demand and on other over-the-top content platforms.  

What does a TFC Premium package include?

  • All episodes of current Teleseryes
  • 8 live channels
  • Watch up to 4 devices/screens at the same time
  • 600+ Movies (except Movies for Rent)
  • Skippable advertisements
  • Classic Teleseryes
  • iWant Originals

What is TFC everywhere?

TFC Everywhere is a great value feature that offers TFC customers (with an active TFC subscription package) the flexibility to enjoy TFC whenever they like and wherever they are.

With FREE online access, it means you can watch your favourite Teleseryes, exclusive shows, movies, music videos, sporting events, news and other TFC shows – wherever you choose

Plus you can watch on any TV or device including laptops, tablets or smartphones at home or out and about. 

How to watch TFC abroad?

TFC is available in 40 countries across the four continents with most of its subscribers in the US, Middle East, Europe, Canada and Australia. It can be watched in a number of ways including;

  • On TV using a TFC Streaming Box
  • Streamed to TV via Roku
  • On laptops and desktops
  • Smartphones and tablets via the app
  • Google Chromecast or Apple Airplay via the app

How to get TFC on Apple TV

If you don’t want a streaming box added to your TV and you already have Apple TV, you can access TFC by mirroring your iPhone to your Apple TV. Here’s how:

  • Subscribe to TFC  and choose a package
  • On your iPhone, open the TFC App and begin playing a show
  • Using Apple Airplay, mirror or cast your phone’s screen to your Apple TV
  • More help here

Is TFC available on Roku?

Yes. But you must first have a Roku streaming device to watch TFC on Roku. If you already have a Roku streaming player or Roku Smart TV, you can add the TFC Channel in a number of ways:  

On the web

  • Go to Roku website and login to your account
  • Click “See What’s On” in the top menu
  • Scroll down and find the Channel Search box
  • Search for TFC and then add the channel
  • Purchase the monthly subscription
  • Look for TFC on your Roku device Home Screen

On your Roku device

  • Select "Streaming Channels" on your Roku device
  • Inside the "Channel Store" search for TFC
  • Press "OK" and the "Add Channel"
  • Purchase the monthly subscription
  • Look for TFC on your Roku device Home Screen

How to watch TFC on Chromecast

You can watch TFC on Chromecast, but you must have a Chromecast or purchase one separately.

Then you can:

  • Subscribe to TFC and choose a package
  • Download the TFC App on iOS or Android 
  • On your phone, open the TFC App and begin playing a show
  • Using the Google Home App, cast your phone’s screen content to your TV

What is the TFC Streaming Box?

The TFC Box is the official device of TFC from ABS-CBN. You simply plug it into your TV and can stream a host of shows, films, news and sport, both live and on-demand. There’s no need to record anything – you can’t miss anything as the shows are always available. The box is free, and you can order it online.

TFC current shows

How much is TFC subscription

A subscription to TFC’s Premium Online streaming service is valued at $12.99 per month.

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