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Send money to BDO accounts in the Philippines

What is BDO bank in the Philippines


Banco de Oro (BDO) is the largest bank in the Philippines in terms of total assets, loans, deposits, capital and trust funds under management and one of the country's most trusted banks. In fact, it was named the Best Bank in the Philippines in the Global Finance World Best Bank Awards 2016. It’s a full-service, universal bank that provides an extensive range of corporate, commercial and retail banking services and has 1,100 locations around the country.

How to send money to BDO Philippines

With WorldRemit, you can make a bank transfer to BDO checking/current, savings and business accounts online from more than 50 countries around the world – and at some of the most competitive exchange rates you’ll find. You can complete your transfer quickly, safely and securely and the money will be credited to the BDO account you’re sending to instantly. Here’s how:

  • Visit our homepage and select Philippines from the 'choose a country to send to' dropdown list
  • Select 'Bank transfer' as the preferred service
  • Choose ‘BDO PHP accounts’ as the payout-network
  • Enter the transfer amount
  • Create a free account, or log in if you haven’t already done so
  • Add the recipient’s details, or choose someone you’ve sent to before – details should include:
    • Full name – To avoid any delays please enter your recipient’s name exactly as it appears on their bank statement
    • Address – We need to know the city your recipient is in
    • Account details – BDO account numbers are normally 12-digits long and include the SWIFT code
    • Mobile number – We need your recipient’s mobile number so we can send them an SMS notification once the funds have been credited
    • Reason for transfer – Tell us whether the transfer is for ‘family and friend support’, ‘purchase of services’, ‘property payment’ or ‘sending funds to self’. This helps us to understand how you are using our service, so we can make it better for you in the future
  • Pay online

What is the SWIFT code for BDO in the Philippines?

A SWIFT code is a standard format for Business Identifier Codes (BIC). It’s used to identify banks and financial institutions globally, saying who and where they are. By using this ID – you can be sure your transfer gets to the right bank. It’s made up of:

  • Bank code – a 4-letter code that usually looks like a shortened version of that bank's name.
  • Country Code - Two letters
  • Location Code - Two letters or two digits

So, BDO’s SWIFT code for Manila is:


  • Bank code – BNOR
  • Country code – PH
  • Location Code - MM

What is the BDO Philippines exchange rate?

The Philippine peso is the only currency that can be sent to BDO accounts and there’s a maximum limit of PHP 500,000 per transfer. WorldRemit’s exchange rate to the Philippines moves in line with the strength of the peso against currencies like the British pound and the US, Australian and Canadian dollar.

However, as specialists, we typically offer more favourable exchange rates and lower fees than you’re likely to receive from banks. We also show you the fees and the exchange rate you’ll receive upfront.

What USA banks are affiliated with BDO in the Philippines

You’ll find that most US banks can offer a money transfer service to BDO Philippines. 

Remember, if you send money to BDO Philippines using WorldRemit’s online service you’ll enjoy low fees, instant transfers and bank-beating exchange rates

What is the maximum amount you can transfer to a BDO account?

The maximum amount that you can send family and friends with a BDO account is PHP 500,000 per transfer.

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