Following the new directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria, transfers with WorldRemit are now only available in US Dollars. Therefore, it is not possible to send a transfer in Naira; this will come back as a failed transfer.

Can I still send money to Nigeria?

Yes, you can still send money to Nigeria using WorldRemit. The latest directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria has led to some changes to the services we offer. The 'Send Money' page on our website will be updated with the latest options available to you that includes cash pickup, bank transfer and airtime top up

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What options are available to send money to Nigeria?

Cash Pickup, Bank Transfer and Airtime Top up are available to send money to Nigeria. You can check the available options by selecting Nigeria on the ‘Choose country to send to’ menu on our Website and App. On selecting Nigeria, WorldRemit will show you all the options to send money to the country.

It is important to know that whilst you can send money in the currency of your choice, the recipient will receive the chosen amount in US Dollars, as per the directive from the Central Bank of Nigeria.

Cash pickup and Bank Transfer in USD currency is live and fast! Most cash pickup transactions take less than 10 minutes to arrive. Bank Transfers may take up to 1 hour to show in your recipient's account.

Checklist for sending a Cash Pickup to Nigeria

Before you send

  • Check the recipient’s phone number is correct. See why here.
  • Try to send in a multiple of $10. See why here.

After you send

  • An 8-digit WorldRemit Reference Number will be sent to the recipient’s mobile number provided by the sender. This reference number must be provided to the bank teller at the chosen pickup location.
  • A valid photo ID such as Bank Verification Number (BVN) ID, International Passport or a Nigerian Driving License
  • A One Time Pin (OTP) will be sent by SMS to the sender and recipient’s mobile phones. The OTP must be provided to the teller.

Please visit the Cash Pickup FAQ page for more information.

Checklist for Bank Transfer to Nigeria

  • Before you send, check that the recipient has a US Dollar account with a supported bank. See why here.

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Is it still possible to transfer Naira to Nigeria?

Whilst Airtime Top-up is available in the local currency, all other transactions, such as bank transfer and cash pickup, will only be paid out in US Dollars. WorldRemit has ensured the service is available to you at the best possible rate.


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Which Cash Pickup locations are available?

You can pick up your money from any branch of the banks below:

Alternatively, you can check the updated list of locations by selecting Nigeria on the ‘Choose country to send to’ menu on our Website and App, and then choose ‘Cash Pickup’ service.

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Can I send a bank transfer to Nigeria?

WorldRemit is working with banks across Nigeria to enable bank transfer in USD. So far, Bank Transfer for Access Bank, FCMB, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, GTBank and UBA are available. More banks will be enabled over the coming days. You will see the ‘Bank Transfer’ option on the ‘Send Money’ page

IMPORTANT: To send money via bank transfer, your recipient will require a USD bank account. For transfers to existing recipients, please remember to update the bank account number with the new one in USD.

If you don't have a USD bank account, your bank will be able to help you get one.

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Some Nigerian cash pickup locations are only paying out in multiples of $10

Some recipients have told us that they haven’t been able to collect money if the amount isn’t a multiple of 10. For example, if they were sent $155 the recipient might only be able to pick up $150.

Here’s what you can do:

  • Ask the recipient to try to pick up from a different payout location. You can see available locations here.
  • Cancel the transaction and send again in a multiple of 10. You can cancel a transaction from the website or app by going to 'transfers activity' in your account.

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Nigerian bank details not working any more

Currently we can only make bank transfers to US Dollar accounts with specific banks.

If you’re trying to send with bank details that worked in the past but don’t any more then it could be because the bank or currency is not supported. Here’s how to check.

Check that the recipient’s account is with a bank that we support:

  • Check the list of supported banks here.
  • We don’t currently support transfers to all of the banks that we did before. We’re working with local banks to enable USD transfers as quickly as possible.
  • If your recipient has another bank account, we recommend you change bank details by following our instructions below.
  • If we don’t support your recipient’s bank, if your or cancel your transfer and use cash pickup to transfer money instead.

Check that the currency for the recipient’s account is US dollars, not Naira

  • Ask your recipient to check the currency that their account is domiciled in US Dollars.
  • Previously, we were able to send bank transfers to Naira accounts. But now we can only send to US Dollar accounts. So, if you try to use the old details, the transaction will fail.
  • If your recipient has a US Dollar account then please see our instructions below to change the incorrect details.
  • If your recipient does not have an account in US dollars, we recommend you cancel your transfer and use cash pickup to transfer money instead.

How to fix incorrect bank account details

If you need to change from incorrect to new bank account details:

  • Ensure that the recipient has a US dollar account with a supported bank
  • Log in to the website or app
  • Go to the transaction you need to change
  • Press the button to edit recipient details
  • Enter new bank details

If the recipient does not have a US dollar account with a supported bank:

  • Log in to the website or app
  • Go to the transaction you need to change
  • Press the button to cancel the transaction
  • Send a new transfer and choose Cash Pickup 

Get help on Cash Pickup here.

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Why is my receive amount rounded to the nearest $1?

Our payout partners can only pay out whole dollar amounts. So they can pay out $50.00 for example, but not $50.50 or $49.50.

This means that we round off receive amounts during the transfer process on the website or app to the nearest 1. We may round up or round down the amount.

For example:

  • $50.25 is rounded down to $50. 
  • $50.75 is rounded up to $51.

The rounding happens on the website or app. The receive amount quoted during payment is the amount the recipient will receive. 


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How do I open a USD domiciled account?

If you need a USD account, your bank (Access Bank, Fidelity Bank, First Bank, GT Bank and UBA) will be able to help you. Generally, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have scanned copies of your important documents, which may include:
  • Passport size photo
  • Utility bill (not more than 3 months old)
  • Bio-data page of your passport
  • ID card
  • a reference form from your bank
  • a signature mandate card from your bank
  1. Go to your bank's website, and start an application for a USD domiciled account.  You will be prompted to:
  • Upload your documents
  • Fill out your contact details
  • Fill out other details, as necessary
  1. Wait for the bank to approve your application

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