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WorldRemit now offers Interac Online payment option in Canada

London and Ottawa - 31 May 2011: WorldRemit, an innovative online money transfer service, now offers Interac Online, a payment option that allows customers to pay for money transfers directly from their bank accounts. Customers will now have access to a full suite of payment options including credit cards, debit cards and Interac Online.

Unlike traditional money transfer services that require senders to visit an agent, WorldRemit's money transfer service is internet-based, allowing customers to send money safely from the comfort of their own home. In a country like Canada, where people often need to travel long distances to the nearest agent, this is a major convenience.

Interac Online makes paying for goods and services over the Internet easy. It's immediate and secure, allowing customers to pay using funds directly from their bank accounts. According to a survey by Toronto based organisation, The Strategic Counsel, nearly one in two Canadians say Interac Debit is their favourite way to pay. The Interac Online service is secure and easy-to-use because it works with the customer's existing Web banking service.

Money remittances from Canada are a lifeline for many African families particularly in sub-Saharan Africa. A recent Gallup poll revealed that in 35 countries, 10 percent or more of households rely on international remittances. In Zimbabwe for example, as many as 32 percent of adults reported receiving international remittances from diaspora members.

WorldRemit has an extensive network of pay-out locations in many African countries. As soon as a sender initiates a successful transaction on the website, WorldRemit sends an SMS text message to the recipient's mobile phone notifying them that the cash is ready for collection. The recipient can then visit one of the many pay-out locations to collect the cash.

WorldRemit now offers online money transfer to over 25 countries. The integration with Interac online will make its service more accessible to the African diaspora in Canada.

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