Submitting Identity Documents - New Zealand

There have been some important changes to the Anti-Money Laundering and Countering Financing of Terrorism Act 2009 in New Zealand, which means all financial service providers in New Zealand, including banks, now need to check the information they hold on their customers.

We require existing customers to re-submit their ID and selfie so that we can verify their identity. Unfortunately this means your account will be locked until we have received and verified your documents. We know how important using our services are for sending money to family and friends, and we aim to make this as straight-forward as possible for all our New Zealand customers.

What documents do I need to provide?

We’ll send you an email with a link unique to you. Once clicked, you’ll be asked to confirm your current address, and upload the documents requested, including:

Your ID - a copy of your primary photo identification. You can use: 

  • Your current New Zealand driver's licence


  • Your current passport

A selfie - please make sure you remove your glasses, face forward, and that the image is clear.

We’ll complete our checks in 24 to 48 hours and let you know by email when your account is unlocked.

In some cases, we will send a follow-up email to request for additional information.

Why am I being asked to provide further documents?

We ask customers to resend documents for a number of important reasons:

  • Your ID wasn’t clear. Your ID photo needs to be clear, show the whole document, and if requested, show both front and back.
  • Your selfie wasn't clear. Please make sure you remove your glasses, face forward, and that the image is clear.
  • We need additional proof of your address, such as a utility bill (for example, a phone or electricity bill), a bank statement or letter. These documents need to be less than 6 months’ old and issued in your name.
  • We need a ‘certified’ copy of your current passport or driver’s licence issued from the country you’re sending from. If we are unable to verify your document electronically, we will ask for a certified copy. A certified copy is a copy of your ID signed by a commissioner of oaths or a guarantor, which could be any of the following: a medical doctor, a member of police, a Justice of peace, a registered teacher, an accredited public accountant, a magistrate or a lawyer.

We’ll complete our checks in 24 to 48 hours and let you know by email when your account is unlocked.

How do I give you the documents?

We’ll send you an email with all the instructions on how to provide your selfie and your ID.

If your computer or smartphone doesn’t have a camera, you can use another device that has one. The link we’ll send you in the email can be used on any device. Remember to keep your login and password private, and remember to always log-out if you are using a different device to access your account.

If you don’t receive the email or you can’t find it, please get in contact with our Customer Care team.

What if I can’t provide the documents you need?

If you can’t provide all the documents we need to comply with the regulations, we’ll need to keep your account locked until you can do so. This means that you won’t be able to send any money transfers through WorldRemit.

How will I know my account has been locked?

Whilst we await and review your documents, you will be unable to log into your account via the app or website. Once verified, you can log in as normal.

What will happen to my current transfers?

If you’ve sent a transfer and your account is now locked, don’t worry, your transfer will be paid as usual. You’ll get your SMS and email updates showing your transfer’s progress.

Once we’ve received and checked the information we need from you, we’ll unlock your account and you’ll be ok to send money again.

If you’re already in contact with us about your transfer, you can continue to talk to our Customer Care team.

Can I just create a new account instead?

All new accounts will need to provide the same information. The fastest way to keep sending with WorldRemit is to provide us with the documents we need to check so we can unlock your existing account.

I am not a new WorldRemit customer. Does this apply to me?

Yes. The new requirements apply to all WorldRemit New Zealand customers, new and existing. Even if you’ve been sending money with us for some time, we need to ask you to provide this additional information.

How will I know the email from you is genuine?

The email we’ll send you will be sent to the email address on your account, from an email address ending ‘’. 

You may also receive an SMS about this from WorldRemit. The SMS will not ask you to reply or to provide any details over the phone.

We’ll never ask you to send us any documents by social media, e.g. Facebook, or messenger app, e.g. WhatsApp. 

What will happen to the information in my account?

All your transfer history and other information will still be there for you when your account is unlocked.

How will you keep my data safe?

Your data will be kept safe. We have a Privacy Policy in place to make sure we keep all your data safe. You can find out more about this policy here.