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How to transfer money to albo bank, Mexico?

Transfer money direct to Mexico with albo

  • Transfers in minutes

  • Low rates

  • Best exchange rate

What is albo bank?

albo is a leading challenger bank in Mexico with the best digital account with no commissions.

With albo it is possible to receive or send money 24 hours a day, all year round.

You can also pay for utilities, credit cards and cell phone top from the app, without waiting in lines.

Also with in wallet slots, you can separate money until you achieve goals.

Albo users will receive a Mastercard Card accepted around the world, perfect for buying online or in physical stores.

Best of all, albo accepts money transfers from the US to Mexico with WorldRemit.

Send money from the United States to Mexico with albo and WorldRemit

Support your family and friends with US dollars transfers to Mexico. Sending money to Mexico is simple, fast and low cost .

Create your WorldRemit account so that your loved ones receive the money directly into their albo account, usually within the same day.

How to make transfers from the US to albo in Mexico?

Making money transfers to albo is fast and easy. To make your transfers at low cost follow the following steps:

  • Choose "Bank transfer" and click on continue

  • Select Deposits in MXN to any other banks

  • Select albo for your transfer in minutes

  • Enter the amount to transfer to know the rates and guaranteed exchange rate

  • Login to your account at


  • Enter the shipping information or select who you have already made a transfer to before

  • Choose your payment method

  • Pay online

How much can I send to albo from the US?

Your friends and family in Mexico can receive with albo up to $ 90,000 MXN per transfer.

The only thing you need to send money directly to their bank account is the account number or CLABE, which is made up of 18 digits.

Is it possible to withdraw the money from Albo in Mexico?

Yes! Your friends and family can withdraw cash from albo at any ATM in Mexico. *

  • Banks may apply a withdrawal fee at their ATM.

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