What information do I need from my recipient?

  •  Full name 
  • Address
  • Account Number (up to 12 digits). The account number is usually the last set of numbers found on the bottom far right side of the cheque.
  • Transit Code (5 digits). The Canada Transit Code is 5 digits-long and composed of numbers only. It is also known as the Branch Code and can usually be found towards the bottom left of your recipient’s check, to the left of the Institution Code.
  • Institution Code. This Institution Code is usually between 3-4 digits, and can be found on the recipient’s cheque, to the right of the Transit Code. This Institution Code is also known as the Bank Code.
  • Mobile number. We use this to send an SMS notification to your recipient informing them that their funds have been credited.
  • Email (optional). We use this to send an email to your recipient with details of your transaction (e.g. in case they have issues receiving the SMS notifications).


IMPORTANT: Please ensure that all your recipient’s details are correct. Once you make the transaction, it’s difficult for us to amend or stop the transfer, although we’ll always try our best to do so. However, this could lead to delays.

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