How do I send using ACH?

What is ACH?

ACH is a type of electronic payment used in the USA. It works by debiting the funds from your bank account using your existing online banking security details.

Where can I send from using ACH?

You can only use ACH to pay for your transfer if you are sending money from the US.

How exactly does ACH work?

Once you have filled in your recipient’s details and selected ACH (Bank Account) as your payment method, you can use the following step by step guide - click here.

How much can I send using ACH?

The maximum you can send per transaction using ACH is USD 2,750.

This is also the maximum amount that can be sent in any 24-hour period.

How long will it take for funds to reach WorldRemit?

Up to 4 business days.

Please note that this is the time which it takes for funds to reach WorldRemit. Once we have received your funds, we will start processing your transfer to your recipient.

Can I make payment from an account belonging to someone else?

The name on your WorldRemit account must match the name on your bank account.

We cannot accept third party transactions or payments made on behalf of someone else.

If the transaction is placed and the name on your bank account does not match, this could cause delays and/or the cancellation of your transfer.

What happens is my ACH payment does not go through?

We will contact you if there are any issues with your payment (e.g. funds not received).

This will usually be done by email so please ensure you check your emails regularly once your transaction has been placed.

How long would it take to refund my ACH payment if there is an issue?

ACH refunds can take anywhere between 1-7 working days depending on your bank.

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