With WorldRemit you can send up to $8,000 if you pay using Interac Online or $2,000 if you pay with a credit or debit card.

Sending $1,000 or more

If you're sending $1,000 or more, you'll need to supply us with some additional information.

This is because of Canadian regulations governing payments when you and the company you're paying don't meet face-to-face (including online services).

These rules affect all companies - not just WorldRemit.

What to do

The first time you send $1,000 or more with WorldRemit, your transfer will be paused and we will ask you to send us the following:

1)    A certified copy of a valid ID unless we can electronically verify your details

2)    A bank statement

3)    Your occupation

Once your documents and information have been checked and verified by WorldRemit, we'll complete your money transfer.


Please note: If you are sending from Quebec we will need this information and documentation each time you send, not just the first time.


How should the ID be certified?

A copy of the original document must be certified by a commissioner of oaths or a guarantor.

A copy of the certified photo ID document must show the name, profession, address, and signature of the commissioner of oaths or the guarantor.

A guarantor can be:

  • a dentist, a medical doctor or a chiropractor
  • a judge, a magistrate or lawyer
  • a notary (in Quebec) or a notary public
  • an optometrist or a pharmacist
  • an accredited public accountant (APA), a chartered accountant (CA), a certified general accountant (CGA), a certified management accountant (CMA), a public accountant (PA) or a registered public accountant (RPA)
  • a professional engineer (P. Eng., in a province other than Quebec) or engineer (Eng. in Quebec)
  • a veterinarian

A valid ID can be:

1)    Birth certificate

2)    Driver’s license  

3)    Passport

4)    Permanent resident card

5)    Record of landing

6)    Certificate of Indian status

7)    Provincial or territorial identification card

8)    Nexus card



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