What are the different ways that money can be received?

Money sent via WorldRemit can be received in the following ways:

Bank deposit:                                   money is credited to the recipient’s bank account.

Cash pickup:                                     cash is available for collection from local agent locations.

Mobile Money:                                 funds are added to the recipient’s Mobile Money account.

Mobile airtime top-up:                    airtime is added to the recipient’s prepay mobile.


Note:  Choice of receiving options will vary depending on the sender's country and also the recipient’s country.

WorldRemit is constantly adding new countries and receiving options.  If you wish to be informed about new services, please sign-up at WorldRemit.com or using the WorldRemit mobile app.

Can my recipient choose how they get their money?

How your recipient gets their money is decided by the sender who chooses from the available options on the WorldRemit website or mobile app.

We suggest that senders and recipients agree on one of these options beforehand.

I don’t see the receiving option that I want

WorldRemit offers a range of ways for people to receive their money transfer.  However, the availability of these varies depending on both the sender and recipient’s country.

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