How long will it take the airtime top-up to be received?

Mobile airtime top-ups are normally added instantly (within a few seconds).

Occasionally, there may be small delays due to congestion on the local mobile network.  If you have questions about a longer delay, please contact

I think I entered the wrong phone number, what happens now?

When sending an airtime top-up, you will be asked to enter the recipient’s phone number twice.  This is done to ensure that money is not sent to the wrong person because of a single mistyped number.

However, if you enter the wrong number twice, the transfer will go ahead and there is no way to reclaim the airtime top-up once it is sent.

Please check carefully with the recipient that you have their correct number.

Why do some countries deduct tax on airtime top-up?

A number of governments around the world have chosen to apply taxes to incoming airtime top-ups.

When sending to these countries, some of the airtime value will be deducted locally, meaning the recipient will get a lower amount.

If the country you are sending to does deduct taxes from airtime top-ups, you will see information about the rate on the WorldRemit website or app before completing the transfer.

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