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Send an airtime recharge to Vodafone

Instant airtime top-up to Ghana


Sending airtime top-ups to Vodafone Ghana phones is easy. All you need is the phone number of the recipient and you can top-up their airtime from over 50 countries on any device, and mobile airtime recharge is added to Vodafone phones instantly.

  • Always zero fees on airtime recharge.
  • You will need the recipient's phone number.

What is Vodafone Ghana?

Vodafone is one of the most popular mobile phone operators in Ghana, with more than 4 million customers. Although Vodafone Ghana offers special contracts that include international phone calls, many people prefer to use prepaid phones to keep their costs down. That means they need to pay for airtime before they can use their phones.

How to transfer Vodafone credit?

Keeping in touch with friends and family who are working, living or travelling in Ghana can be difficult. If they run out of airtime on a prepaid Vodafone phone then they’ll not be able to make calls, send texts or use data. To top-up the airtime they need to purchase a scratch card or pin number, which is not always convenient.

At WorldRemit, you can transfer Vodafone credit to their prepaid phones in minutes so they can call, send texts and use their data immediately.

The process for a Vodafone Ghana Top up at WorldRemit is simple:

  • Visit our homepage and select Ghana from the 'choose a country to send to' dropdown list
  • Select ‘Airtime Top up' as the preferred service
  • Enter and confirm the number of the phone you want to top-up
  • Enter the amount of airtime you want to buy
  • Pay online
  • The top-up will be made immediately (although delays can be caused by congestion on the Vodafone Ghana network), and you and the recipient will receive SMS confirmation once the top-up has been made

The benefits of a quick recharge of Vodafone mobiles with WorldRemit

  • It’s cheap – There are zero fees on all airtime top-ups and we offer some of best exchange rates online
  • It’s easy – You can top up a Vodafone mobile wherever you are, whether you’re on the move or from the comfort of your own home
  • It’s safe – The recipient’s airtime is topped-up immediately and the transaction is completely safe

Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

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