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Send to MTN Mobile Money accounts

MTN Mobile Money

Money is added instantly to MTN Mobile Money accounts.

  • Please check that the recipient already has a Mobile Money account.
  • You will need the recipient's Mobile Money number.

As well as airtime, it is also possible to send money directly to the mobile phone of a family member or friend in Ghana. All you need is an internet connection and you can send MTN mobile money to Ghana from more than 50 countries using any device.

How does it work?

You can send MTN money to Ghana to help support those living, working or travelling in the country. The intended recipient must have an MTN Mobile Money account, which is an electronic account linked to their MTN mobile phone. You choose how much you want to send and pay online. The money will then arrive in the recipient’s account in the local currency, Ghanaian cedi.

Once the mobile money transfer has been made, the recipient can use their mobile wallet to pay for goods, public transport costs and even household bills. Importantly, they can also withdraw the money as cash.

All you need to do is:

  • Check the recipient has set up their MTN Mobile Money account and make sure you have their Mobile Money number
  • Choose ‘Mobile Money Transfer’ from our service options
  • Select ‘MTN Mobile Money’ as the payout-network
  • Select the currency and the amount you want to send.You will see the fees and exchange rate upfront
  • You and the recipient will receive an SMS notification once the transfer is complete

A fast and efficient way to send money to Ghana

MTN mobile money transfer is a fast, efficient and low-cost way to send money to friends and family in Ghana. As well as receiving the money instantly, we offer more competitive exchange rates than high street banks to put more money in the recipient’s pocket. We also put the security of your data and money first, encrypting your personal data and meeting the highest possible security standards.

Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

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