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Send money to Vodafone Mobile Money accounts in Ghana

Vodafone Mobile Money

The money sent is instantly added to Vodafone Mobile Money accounts in Ghana.

  • Please make sure that your recipient already has a Vodafone Mobile Money account
  • You need the recipient's Vodafone Mobile Money number
  • The recipient receives the sent money immediately!

How does Vodafone Mobile Money work?

Similar to topping up mobile phone credit, money is loaded directly onto another mobile phone. The recipient of mobile money therefore no longer needs their own bank account. Instead, they can conveniently pay bills and purchase products in the shop next door or on the Internet from their mobile phone. It is also possible to have the money paid out at an authorised Vodafone dealer in Ghana.

WorldRemit enables you to transfer money to a Vodafone Mobile Money account very easily and quickly. The recipient only needs a Vodafone Mobile Money account. Get the recipient's Vodafone Mobile Money number so they can transfer the money to the correct account. Your recipient will receive the funds sent in Ghanaian Cedi. Both you and your beneficiary will receive an SMS notification once the funds have been transferred.

With a fair exchange rate and a very low fee, WorldRemit ensures that the recipient receives the highest possible amount in Cedi. We also ensure that your personal data is encrypted and that we are always at the cutting edge of technology to protect you and your money.

Send on the go and track your transfer with our app

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