Frank Adesina, 51 – Nigeria

“We all have different places we call home: the place we come from, the place we live, or the place we have a spiritual connection with.

My first home, the place I originally come from, is Lagos in Nigeria. I had such a happy childhood there, growing up surrounded by the people I care for the most. I loved school as I had such an enquiring mind and good teachers that fed my curiosity – especially when it came to the sciences. I was passionate about working out how things worked. Dad and I would often spend hours tinkering with the engine on his old Mercedes.

 I also loved spending time with my grandfather reading books with him and studying his atlas. We’d randomly open up a page anywhere in the world, stick a pin in that page and find out as much as we could about that place – from Madrid to Manila, San Francisco to Shanghai. But the place that always fascinated us the most and I determined to live in one day was London: so rich in history and alive with culture.

 As soon as I could, I left Lagos to come and study in London. I was lucky enough to study engineering at Imperial College and today I work as an engineer all around the world. But my base is in London. I’ve been fortunate enough to live in some really iconic locations around the city. At one time I could wake up and see Big Ben from my bedroom window. I spend my weekends visiting all the most interesting sites in London from Greenwich to Hampton Court Palace and I always wish that my Grandfather was with me. I regularly send him updates of my time in London, as well as some cash to help him buy more books. I guess you could say that London is not only the place that I now live, but my spiritual home.”

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