The WorldRemit Wallet is a great way to send money to your recipient. Transfers are instantly processed and the Wallet allows your recipient to receive, send and withdraw funds in multiple currencies. Here we answer a few questions you may have about sending money to the WorldRemit Wallet.

If you’re interested in questions about receivingstoring or withdrawing money with the WorldRemit Wallet you can jump to those FAQs sections through their links, or head to our general Wallet FAQ page here.

Why send money to my receipient's WorldRemit Wallet?

Payments to Wallet are:

  • Easy - you just need to know your recipient's mobile number
  • Instant - money is instantly credited to them, once they're signed up 
  • Valuable - you can choose a range of currencies for your recipient to receive, including US Dollar
  • Flexible - Wallet means your recipient has the ultimate flexibility in how they use that money (store, send or withdraw using our local payout network) 

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What is the WorldRemit Wallet?

The WorldRemit Wallet is a secure account in the WorldRemit app available in a limited number of countries. It’s like a physical wallet but with even more features. Using the Wallet users can easily receive, store, send and withdraw money. Money can be sent or received between countries as well as held in the Wallet in several currencies.

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What can users do with WorldRemit Wallet?

Users with a Wallet can:

  • Securely store money in one or more currencies
  • Instantly receive money locally or from other countries
  • Send money to other people fast by choosing WorldRemit Wallet or by using WorldRemit’s payout network. Our network includes delivering money as a cash pick up, mobile money and bank transfer, depending on the country the recipient is in
  • Withdraw money to themselves using the same payout network as mentioned above

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How does the WorldRemit Wallet work?

The Wallet works by using a user’s mobile telephone number as their unique Wallet account number. This means it’s easy to send funds to your recipient as you just need their number. It’s also quick as payments are instantly processed. It doesn’t even matter if they don’t have a Wallet at the time you create your transfer. We’ll send them a text inviting them to open their Wallet by downloading the WorldRemit app.

Wallets are automatically connected to our existing payout network, meaning when a Wallet user wants to remove some funds from their Wallet they can choose to send money to other people or withdraw money to themselves. Funds can either be sent to other WorldRemit Wallets or be delivered as a cash pickup, mobile money or bank transfer, depending on the payout options available in a particular country.

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How does my recipient get the WorldRemit Wallet?

The Wallet comes as part of the WorldRemit app in a growing number of countries. Recipients just need to download the app on their smartphone – it’s available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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What does my recipient need to open WorldRemit Wallet?

We’ll need some information like their name and mobile number, and will also need them to upload a photo of a valid photo ID. A passport photo, a driving license or Government/National ID card is usually all we need. We keep personal information safe and secure and we only use it for legitimate purposes.

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