Why have you rebranded / changed the brand?

As a company and as a community, we are always adapting and innovating to build brighter futures. This change is part of that journey. We're proud of who we are and, as we expand our service and enter a new and exciting phase in our journey, we felt the time was right to find a better way to bring to life the creativity, diversity and integrity of our company and the communities we serve.

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Can I trust this site?

Your safety is our top priority. If you have any concerns and want to check that it’s really WorldRemit you’re communicating with, you can follow our guidance for staying safe online here.

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What's different?

Sometimes we need to invest in a new suit to stand out and make the right impression to take the next step forward in securing our position for the future. So at the heart of the business we're the same, but we've refreshed our look to bring out the positive spirit that drives our business.

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