How can I contact WorldRemit Business Support?

You can contact us via email at You can also call us on 02039666216.

When is WorldRemit Business Support open?

Our opening hours are Monday to Friday between 9am – 5pm.

Who can use a WorldRemit for Business account?

WorldRemit for Business is suited to small and medium sized businesses based in the UK. Our service is primarily designed for limited companies and sole traders, but charities may be able to use us on a case by case basis. Please click here for a list of prohibited business categories.

Is there a signup fee?

Sign up is free! Click here to get started.

How can I create an account?

Your WorldRemit for Business account can only be set up and used by a director or owner. You can set up your account by following these simple steps:

  1. Click on Sign Up and choose business account
  2. Fill in your personal information section: your full legal name as shown on your passport or driving license.
  3. Create your username and password and make a note of these login details
  4. Select your business type from the drop-down menu: Either Limited Company or Sole Trader.
  5. Fill in your business information section (this includes your business name, registration number, your role at the business, type and nature of your business)
  6. Tell us your expected volume and value of transactions
  7. Add the information of your business directors and business owners (anyone who owns at least 25% of your business)
  8. That’s it!

After this, we’ll send you an email with details on how to verify your account. To avoid delays, we recommend that you send us your verification documents before creating your first transaction!

Can I set up a WorldRemit for business account via the app?

Right now, you can’t sign up through our app. But you can sign-up through the website and then login through the app.

What verification documents are needed to set up my account?

  • Your valid ID
  • ID of at least one director of your business.
  • ID of anyone who owns at least 25% of your business. (If applicable).
  • Supporting business documents; such as a bank statement or certificate of incorporation (If requested).

Can I make changes to my business details after I’ve signed up?

If you need to update your business details, you can call us on 02039666216 or send us an email at

When will my account be verified?

Once you’ve created an account online, we’ll send you an email with details on the documents we need from you to verify your account. As soon as you send us these, we’ll start verifying it as quickly as possible.

When can I create my first transaction?

You can create a transaction at any point after you’ve signed up. Just make sure that you send us your verification documents as soon as you can, so that there aren’t any delays with us verifying your account!

How much can I send?

The amount you can send will depend on the country you’re sending to. After you’ve chosen the country you’re sending to, we’ll let you know if you enter an amount larger than the send limit and prompt you to enter a lower amount. You don’t need to login to check this.

Where can I send to?

With WorldRemit, you can send money to 150 countries around the world. There are a few countries that don’t accept transactions from a WorldRemit business account, click here for more information on this.

How can I pay for my transaction?

You can pay for your transaction using your:

  • Debit, credit or prepaid card
  • Bank account transfer
  • Sofort

For more information on these payment methods, click here

What pay-out methods can I choose to send money by?

Depending on the country you’re sending to, you can choose to send transfers as a bank transfer, mobile money transfer, cash pick up or airtime top up.