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Want to help us change the way the world moves money?

We build high tech services that allow people to send and receive money easily. Our customers are mostly migrants, sending money home to their families and friends in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Today only 5% of the remittance market is online – with a large proportion of the industry operating through informal untracked networks. Yet online is predicted to grow to 60% in the next 5-6 years and WorldRemit is driving that shift.

By reducing costs and freeing up time we enable people to make the most of the opportunities that their new life abroad provides and help to release the billions of dollars lost in transferring money to the developing world. This money goes directly to those who need it. 


Why do we care about money transfers so much?

Most of our customers are first or second generation migrants. They may be living and working far from their home but still manage to send money back to support their loved ones.

Large international wire transfer companies and banks have been taking advantage of people like this by charging preposterous fees and unfair rates.

With the World Bank estimating $575 billion annually flowing into developing countries - transforming the remittance industry could have a greater impact on international development than every single government aid program combined.

WorldRemit is using innovative technology and growing it’s a global network to make transferring money easier, fairer and more affordable.

How are we doing so far?

  • A family of 650+ employees across offices in London, Denver, Sydney and more
  • A Fintech Top 20 company
  • Sending almost 10,000,000 remittances annually (and growing)
  • Raised $230 million in funding
  • Funded by VCs behind companies such as Airbnb, Spotify, Netflix and Facebook.
  • Covering 140+ countries across the globe


What will you be working on?

Based in London, reporting to our Head of Product for the Customer Trust tribe, you’ll lead our data investigations to help us learn faster and smarter.

You will be working in close partnership with product managers among the teams of our Customer Trust tribe, working on diverse and complex areas including: Payments; Fraud; Compliance and; Customer Friction.

These areas are essential to the success of WorldRemit and key data-driven decisions can help us continue our rapid growth. You will be instrumental in helping us better understand our customer’s, leveraging actionable insights to help us build a better service.

As a hand’s on role, you’ll also be experienced in some data engineering activities, helping us get the best out of our data through the automating of data-related tasks to better enable our business to work smart and be data rich.


Main responsibilities:

  • Help Product Managers understand correlation/causation impacts of our product updates, using this and other data to inform roadmaps
  • Work closely with product managers to understand problems and stretch their thinking through challenging data
  • Take our data functions to the next level: working with departments across the business to raise the bar for data science at WorldRemit
  • Manage multiple projects at the same time: knowing how to balance a workload, with good intuition on when you need to go deeper
  • Work with stakeholders across the business to identify how we can better use data. Depending on the solution, you’ll help productionise the data-solution to help us automate daily tasks and functions
  • Present your findings to stakeholders at different levels (including C-suite), so you’ll have an eye for detail and be excellent at breaking down complicated analysis for everyone’s understanding


What we’re looking for: 

  • We’re looking for someone hands-on. You’ll be passionate about using data to solve difficult problems and have previous experience in productionising your insights
  • Evidence of going deep into problems to draw out root causes and essential insights that help direct the business
  • A passionate advocate for data – you’ll use data to challenge our assumptions. Having confidence in your work and happy to stand behind your findings
  • A proven track record of working in a B2C business, preferably in the e-commerce space: you understand customer journeys and are always looking at things from the customer’s perspective
  • Someone who will lead by example as we continue to establish data at the heart of our strategy
  • Programming experience: Python or SQL would be preferred, but not essential 
  • Innovative mindset – you will have informed views on the latest techniques and technologies and the most effective ways of trialling and deploying them
  • Cultural fit – We are known for our low ego, non-hierarchical and collaborative culture

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