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WorldRemit is changing the way people send money abroad. We’ve taken something complicated and made it simple. Tap the WorldRemit App or click our website and your international transfer is made – to a bank account, cash pickup, Mobile Money, or airtime top-up. We send to more than 110 countries and the number is growing all the time. Using WorldRemit is easy because we do the hard bit, connecting hundreds of banks, money agents, mobile operators and payment systems around the world. These were never designed to work together, but WorldRemit makes it happen. The journey is just beginning. We believe in faster, simpler, lower-cost money transfers. That means building beautiful products and better services for our customers.

Changing the world isn’t easy – so we only hire the most talented people. You need to think differently, believe in new solutions to old problems, and have the drive to make them happen. WorldRemit has grown at an average 50% year on year, and is now processing over £1.5bn of remittances on an annualised basis. The company just went through its Series C financing and raised $40m. The company currently employees over 350 employees and has offices in London, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and other locations.

WorldRemit’s Finance Function

Finance sits at the very heart of WorldRemit. In addition to the regular functions of every finance team (such as managing the general ledgers for the group, month end close, reporting, payroll, cash management, tax etc.) the team at WorldRemit is responsible for ensuring that the flow of funds from sender to receiver works in a timely, cost efficient and effective manner.
WorldRemit’s customers are sending over £1 billion of transfers a year from 50+ countries in a wide variety of currencies, either as debit or credit card payments or as bank transfers. That is between £4m and £6m a day that needs to be moved from the send country, exchanged into the required currencies and then moved to the 140+ receive countries for onward distribution to the recipients.

This is achieved through a network of financial institutions, banks, correspondents and pay-out agents. This creates both challenges and opportunities in the area of taxation. Challenges to develop and operate a global taxation structure that is legally compliant and opportunities to maximise its tax efficiency.

About the role

Pricing team

The pricing team currently comprises a Pricing Analyst and Pricing Intern, plus occasional short term additional intern support. The team has developed greatly, but the time is now right to expand the team with a Pricing Manager to provide oversight and strategic direction and execution to the pricing function.

The role will report to the Finance Director and initially focusing on our core peer to peer product pricing, you will work closely with the Business Insights, Business Development and Marketing teams to further develop and execute our pricing strategy.

The role will help to maximise long term gross profit from our main corridors and ensuring competitive pricing in our growth corridors, driving long term gross profit.

Tasks will include

  • Refine and execute pricing strategy to drive growth and improve profitability collaborating cross functionally to ensure buy in from a broad range of stakeholders
  • Manage competitor pricing data capture across top markets
  • Create reporting templates and pricing analysis including metrics such as competitive position
  • Monitor competitive environment and determine competitive positioning
  • Develop pricing tests and assess impact on business using data
  • Identify opportunities for growth in underserved markets
  • Deliver recommendations and build consensus among senior leadership

Skills requirements

  • At least 5 years’ experience in pricing and different approaches to developing and
    implementing pricing models; both in B2B and in B2C markets; including creating and leading
    strategic pricing initiatives
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills necessary for daily interaction with senior
    management, both in the UK and globally.
  • Strong influencer, relationship builder and stakeholder manager
  • Experience building reports / data visualisations that make complex data easily accessible
  • Ability to solve problems and think creatively – capacity to provide pragmatic solutions and
    have the drive and leadership to implement ideas through to successful conclusion.
  • Experience of a high growth, dynamic, responsive environment
  • Excellent organisational skills, with the ability to manage conflicting demands and appropriately prioritise.
  • Strong excel modelling skills, ability to analyse large volumes of data and provide concise insights of key messages
  • A flexible individual who enjoys working in a changing, fast-paced environment, with an enjoyment of problem solving.
  • Experience in coaching team members, on analytics, communication and business sense
  • Strong knowledge of Tableau, R and MS Excel and comfortable in using SQL to extract data from databases.

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