WorldRemit challenges the way conventional money transfer companies worked in the past - many were expensive, slow and difficult to navigate.

In most cases, banks and remittance companies use the transfer amount as the basis to calculate their transfer fees. This means that the more money you send, the higher the fee. Plus, there might be hidden costs - such as low exchange rates or recipient fees.

That’s not the case with us. We believe in straightforward and transparent pricing. In this article, we show how we calculate our fees.

How do we calculate our fees?

At WorldRemit, we follow two main pricing principles - reducing the costs as much as possible and always being transparent and upfront about our fees.

The cost of signing up

It’s free to create your WorldRemit account - you only need to fill in your email address and choose your password. We also don’t charge any subscription fee to maintain your account.

Payment fees

Whether you choose to pay by debit card or bank transfer, you won’t pay any extra fees.

If you pay with your credit card, your issuing bank might charge an advance fee - the cost of withdrawing money from it. For more information, contact your card issuer.

The cost of sending money

There are a few factors that impact the sending fee, such as:

  • the current exchange rate
  • the payout method of your choice (the way your family of friends receive your money)
  • the commissions charged by our partners.

For full transparency, we built a calculator so you can see all fees upfront - for any sending or receiving country, any service and any amount. Calculate your fee now.

Alternation fees

We don’t charge any service fees for amending or cancelling your transfers.

The cost of receiving money

All fees are paid upfront by the sender when creating a transfer. There are no hidden fees on the side of the recipient when sending money in the local currency.

Introducing our new flat rate and a three-tier exchange rate

Recently, we introduced a simplified flat fee and a three-tier exchange rate module in our top corridors and continue to add  more countries.

With our flat fee, you pay the same price - no matter how much you send. Here’s how it works when sending money from the UK to the Philippines*:

Sending amount

Bank transfer fee

Cash pick up fee

Mobile money fee 

100 GBP

1.99 GBP

2.49 GBP

2.99 GBP

1000 GBP

1.99 GBP

2.49 GBP

2.99 GBP

3000 GBP

1.99 GBP

2.49 GBP

2.99 GBP

*Fees as of 23-02-2021 16:15 GMT

Our three-tier exchange rate module  gives you a premium rate when sending more money. For example, if you’re sending a cash pickup from the UK to the Philippines using a Cebuana payout network, the three-tier exchange rate looks like this:

Send amount

Exchange rate**

0.01 - 300 GBP

1 GBP = 66.74763 PHP (Competitive rate)

300.01 - 500 GBP

1 GBP = 66.81536 PHP (Silver rate)

500.01 GBP or more

1 GBP = 66.88309 PHP (Premium rate)

**Exchange rate for cash pickup as of 23-02-2021 16:15 GMT

Getting more for your money

We know how hard you work for your money. As a multinational company with migrants amongst our ranks, we have a personal stake in helping you to get the most out of your money.

We believe in fair prices and safe transfers. We believe in transparency. We believe in people who go the extra mile to give their families the best they can. We’re committed to making your life easier - at least, when it comes to sending money abroad.  

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