The new WorldRemit website is here! With new features and functionalities we’re excited to share with you, it’s now even easier to send money to your friends and family back home in over 130 countries with us.

Our new features are designed to give you greater transparency when it comes to making successful transactions when you need to send money abroad.

Pricing transparency

Recently, a survey by Ernst & Young stated that more than half of respondents said their purchase decisions would be determined by financial services providers being transparent in their practices. We’re committed to making our service more transparent, and our new improvements are a step further along the way.

We’ve made changes that will mean you have more visibility over where your money is, what your fees and exchange rates are, and how to find help if you need it. With millions customers already sending and receiving money worldwide, and 125,000+ five star reviews, your money is safe with us.

Here are some of the key improvements we’ve made on the WorldRemit website...

A new look and feel!

You might notice that we look a little bit different. Don’t worry -- it’s still us! Our new website launch also sees the launch of our new brand identity, with new colours, tones, and logos. You might have seen some of our new branding on our socials already, but we’re rolling out across all platforms, so soon you’ll see our new branding everywhere.

a woman in black blazer and white top and red glasses holding an apple tablet

Starting a transaction is now just two clicks away!

Our new customer journey cuts the time it takes to start a transfer down to just two clicks, and with 90% of transfers being completed in minutes, you can send money to your friends and family as soon as it’s needed. As well as reducing the amount of steps to starting a transaction, we’ll also show you pricing information straight away.

On the homepage, you’ll be able to see which delivery options are available to you as soon as you’ve chosen which country you want to send money to, whether that’s via bank transfers to a bank account, for cash pickup in local currency, mobile money, or airtime top up, as well as payment methods such as credit or debit card, or Apple Pay.

Send more to save more

To make it quicker for you to access pricing information, we’ve included a new calculator feature on the homepage, to help you determine all fees and exchange rates before you make a transaction. We’ll show you foreign exchange rates by send band. Not only does that mean that you’ll save more when you send more, but you’ll also be able to see how far away from making bigger savings in the next band you are. As you increase the number of transactions you make, or the amounts you send, you’ll receive newly available discounts and competitive WorldRemit exchange rates.

Don’t forget: Exchange rate notifications can be sent directly to your mobile device, so you can check the best time to send with the most up-to-date information.

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We’re here to help

“It’s important for us to continue improving the process to create better experiences for our customers without compromising on security,” said Stephen Lovell, Chief Product Officer at WorldRemit. One of our new features is the Help Hub, where you’ll find answers to any questions, and where our team can guide you through your transactions securely, so you can always feel confident when sending money with us.

If you still have questions, our customer service team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in case you need their help. You can find our contact details here.  

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