We know that there’s a story behind every transaction. That’s why our money transfer service is so easy to manage - so that you can relax, knowing that your money will always arrive safely.

Trust is one of the essential pillars we’ve built our business on. We want you to know that if for whatever reason a transfer goes wrong, you can trust us to have your back.

To make sure you enjoy an effortless experience with our online service every single time, we share tips to help you prevent (or quickly fix) possible hiccups along the way.

Scenario 1: Invalid WorldRemit account details

One of the most preventable mistakes is entering the wrong details on your WorldRemit account.

It’s easy to create a WorldRemit account. All you need to do is to visit our website or download our WorldRemit app. Then, you click on “Sign up” and enter your email address and choose a secure password. And voila, your WorldRemit account is ready to help you send transactions abroad.

Once you decide to make your first transfer with us, you choose the receiving country, the desired amount to be transferred and required recipient’s details. But before you can pay and complete your very first WorldRemit transaction, you have to provide us with basic personal information. This includes your full legal name, date of birth, telephone number and your residential address.

Why do we need this information to complete your transfer? As a financially regulated company, WorldRemit is required to “Know your customer”. We have to ensure that you are who you are and that you’re sending money for the right purpose.

If you fill in all your details correctly, in the majority of cases, we won’t need any extra information from you. Our platform and processes recognise your transfer to be safe, and the transaction is automatically released and starts processing within a few seconds.

To ensure that this is the case for you, avoid these common mistakes:

  1. Provide us with your legal name. No nicknames, no shortcuts. Your name must be the same as it appears on your passport or national ID.
  2. Have you recently changed your name? If the change isn’t yet reflected on your ID documents, our system might flag up a mismatch. In this case, we might require a legal document confirming the change.
  3. Finally, ensure that your date of birth and address is correct

Luckily, you can manage your WorldRemit account details directly in our app or website. You can also complete the verification of your account before you even transact with us. To do so, visit your account details and select 'Complete your verification'. This way, you can get ahead for when you’re ready to send money with us.

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Scenario 2: Incorrect recipient details

Once you click 'pay' and your transfer is confirmed, we receive your transaction information on our system. But what if you’ve filled in incorrect recipient details, such as a wrong bank account or incorrect recipient’s name for a cash pickup?

WorldRemit has a network of partners that help us accommodate all transfers. If we’re able to amend or cancel your transfer while it’s still processing depends on the service you selected, as well as the receiving country.

For some transfers, we can detect incorrect recipient details. Alternatively, our local partner reports an issue to us. If this is the case, your transfer will be placed on hold, and we’ll contact you to request the correct details. Once the mistake is fixed, we release the transfer again, and the processing starts over.

However, if the transfer has already left WorldRemit and was transmitted to the receiving partner, we need to communicate with them to ensure that the transfer is amended on their side, too.

Regardless, it’s best to ensure that your recipient details are correct before you submit your transfer.

Here are the most common mistakes that you can avoid:

Cash pickup

  • Misspelt recipient’s name

  • The name appears in a wrong order

  • Missing middle name

  • The name doesn’t match the recipient’s ID

Bank transfer

  • Routing number

  • Sort code number

  • SWIFT number

  • Bank account number

  • Bank selected incorrectly

  • IBAN

Mobile money

  • Incorrectly selected mobile money provider

  • Misspelt recipient’s name

  • Incorrect mobile money account

Scenario 3: The payment method doesn’t match your needs

At WorldRemit, we offer you a variety of payment methods for your convenience. However, some payment methods are faster than others.

Generally, the fastest payment method is paying with your debit or credit card. This allows us to receive your funds as soon as the transfer is released, which significantly speeds up your transfer.

To find more information about our payment methods, click here.

Scenario 4: Verification process

We take security very seriously at WorldRemit. As a fully licensed money transfer service, we are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The regulations we follow help us to protect you against fraud or scams and ensure that your money is in safe hands.

Sometimes, we need to conduct additional checks on your account or your transfers. This is especially the case if:

  • your transacting pattern has significantly changed without any apparent reason.
  • you’re sending a large amount of money for the first time with us.
  • you’ve transferred a substantial amount of funds through WorldRemit over time.
  • we believe that you might be using your WorldRemit account in a way that conflicts our terms and conditions.

To ensure that your transfers are released as quickly as possible, always keep an eye on your email inbox for possible communication from us. Sometimes, we request additional information from you without any pending transactions. However, if you haven’t responded to us in a while, we might place your pending transfer on hold and request further information from you.

The documents or information we might request vary depending on your unique circumstances.

Some of the examples of documents we might request include:

  • Proof of address
  • Proof of the origin of the funds
  • ID document
  • Additional recipient’s information

Scenario 5: Correspondent issues or technical difficulties

Unfortunately, some matters that affect transactions are out of our control. At times, WorldRemit or our partners might experience technical difficulties.

We have a large team that’s working around the clock to ensure that all operations are running smoothly. If the issue is on our side, we’re usually able to fix it quickly. However, if the issue is on our partner’s side, we need to wait until the technical issue is resolved.

As soon as we receive a report of technical difficulty on our partner’s side, we update our services and information on our website accordingly. In some cases, this means that we disable the affected service until the issue is resolved.

We understand that technical difficulties are frustrating, and so, we immediately contact all affected customers and offer possible solutions in the meantime - whether it’s to cancel the transfer or to provide additional updates about the technical issue.

And there you have it - five scenarios that could affect your transfers and what you can do about them. Most of them can be resolved promptly to ensure that your transfers get to where they need to be, safely.

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