We know that there's an important story behind every transaction. That's why we’ve made our cash pickup service so easy to manage: so that you can relax, knowing that your money will arrive safely and on time.

To make sure you enjoy an effortless experience with our online service every single time, here are  five top tips to help you prevent (or quickly fix) any hiccups along the way.

Download our WorldRemit app

Our mobile app is the best place to keep an eye on your transactions, wherever you are.

What information can you find on our app?

  1. Transaction status
  2. Recipient's details
  3. Cash pickup locations and pay-out network
  4. Collection reference number
  5. Transfer timeline

Below, you can find different types of transaction statuses and what they mean.

Order placed

  • Your transaction was created on our system
  • It's not available for collection at this moment
  • You received an email confirming that we're working on your transfer

Processing transfer

  • Your transfer is being checked
  • It is not available for collection at this moment
  • We may contact you if any additional info is needed from you

Available for pickup

  • Hooray! Your transaction can be collected
  • We sent an SMS to you and your recipient with the reference number and collection locations


  • Your recipient has picked up your money
  • We sent an email and SMS to you and your recipient that the transaction has been collected
three iphones with worldremit notifications for cash pick up on a gradient background

Helping your recipient

Agents at our cash pickup locations need to ensure that your funds are handed over to the right person. And so, the name on your recipient's ID has to match the name that you give us.

What can cause a collection issue?

  • Typing errors
  • Incorrect name (e.g. maiden name used)
  • Name doesn't match the ID

Avoid a name mismatch

Before you make a transfer, ask your recipient which ID they want to use for collection (driving license, government ID or passport are widely accepted), and double-check that you copy the name precisely.

If you've filled in an incorrect name, then check our app, as it might be possible to correct the name directly from your side. Otherwise, you can get in touch with our Customer Service team.

Tip: Occasionally, your collection reference number might change after we've corrected the recipient's name. If this is the case, we'll let you and your recipient know.

Keep your recipients in the loop

If possible, fill in a valid phone number for your recipient - or even their email address as an alternative way to let them know the transfer details.

Why did my recipient not receive your SMS?

Don't worry! There are a few reasons this might have happened:

  • Their phone was switched off or had a poor reception at the time of making the transfer
  • The phone number is incorrect
  • The phone number is a landline, not a mobile
  • The service provider of your recipient blocked the automated SMS. If this is the case, your recipient can reach out to their service provider for help

Choose the most convenient pay-out network

In certain countries, we offer more than one pay-out network for you to choose from. The transfer can be collected only from the pay-out network you selected.

And that's it! Hopefully, we've helped you pick up some top tips to ensure that your transfer arrives on time, every time!

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